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Light Language for Releasing All Blocks & Putting You in the Flow of High Frequency Energies

Blocks. We know we have them, and even if we can pinpoint what they are and where they are, it can still be challenging to remove them. This light language transmission I channeled will release those blockages and put you in the flow of the higher frequency energies. Being in the flow is so important at this time, as the energies tend to have their way with us if we don’t flow with them. Listen to this one whenever you feel that you’re out of that flow or when you are feeling the effects of the blockages on your energetic, physical, mental, and/or emotional bodies. Feel good! <3

Light Language for Receiving Downloads & Upgrades in Your Sleep

Downloads and upgrades. We all want them. And yet how often do we put ourselves in the state of openness and receptivity that’s necessary to receive them? That’s what sleep is for, right? I channeled this light language transmission to put you in that open and receptive state so that you can receive the best possible upgrades and downloads while you sleep. Obviously, you want to listen to this one before drifting off to sleep, and you can also set the intention to feel the effects of those downloads and upgrades when you wake up. Awaken your power! <3

Light Language for a Pineal Gland Upgrade

The pineal gland. It’s small but very important. It regulates our sleep. It releases our own naturally produced DMT, and it connects us to other beings in other dimensions. It literally is an eye with a lens and everything! This light language transmission I channeled will help being your pineal gland into the 5th dimensional energy. I infused the language with the intention, vibration, and brought through the galactic light codes to upgrade your pineal gland. Now all you have to do is listen. And relax. Let the upgrade happen, and repeat whenever you feel you want to really maximize your time of sleep. Love! <3

Light Language for a DNA Upgrade

Our DNA. It’s kind of a mystery, but we do know this about it…we used to have 12 strands and now we only have two! We also have an inkling about how some of our DNA has origins from other parts of the galaxy. And bringing these knowings and inklings together to create something bigger is what this download is all about. I channeled a light language transmission that is infused with the intention, vibration, and galactic light codes that will give you the DNA upgrade you’ve always wanted. We can get those additional strands back, and we can activate that ET DNA. We can and we will…in this lifetime! Do this DNA upgrade several times and feel the difference in your bones after each one. Joy! <3

Light Language for Receiving All the Healing Energy You Have Ever Requested

Over the course of our lifetimes, we ask for a lot. We ask for love, for abundance, and we ask for healing…both for physical and emotional wounds. This light language transmission I recently channeled is filled with the intention, vibration, and galactic light codes to put you in the receiving state, allowing you access to all the healing energy you’ve ever summoned. Listen to this recording whenever you are feeling physical or emotional pain, or when you just want to feel the energy flowing through you. We are all entitled to the energy we ask for, and this download will help you receive it! Love! <3

Light Language for Aligning You with & Activating Your 5th Dimensional Chakras

The 5th Dimensional Chakra System. Have you heard of it? Are you aware that you have one? These 5D chakras are numbered 8 through 12, and we have access to them right now! I channeled this light language transmission with the intention, vibration, and infused it with galactic light codes to give you access to your 5D chakra system, aligning you with their power and wisdom. These chakras, unlike the ones in our physical bodies, tend to hang around in our energy fields. But when you listen to this recording, you’ll be inviting them into your body. And that’s going to put you in a fifth dimensional frequency state for sure. Joy! <3

Light Language for Clearing, Activating & Programming Your Crystals

Our crystals are powerful beings. We sometimes forget, however, how eager they are to work with us. Most of us buy a crystal or two, or even a dozen, and then place them around the house and forget to interact with them. If you did that with your house plants, you’d soon be throwing them away. This light language transmission is about maintaining your crystals in the way that they require to be maintained. It’s infused with the intention, vibration, and galactic light codes that will clear your crystals of any negative energy they’ve absorbed, while also activating and programming them with the intentions that you hold for them. Play this recording with your crystals spread all around so that they can absorb the sounds and codes being transmitted. Love! <3

Light Language for Re-Wiring Your Brain & Creating New Neural Pathways

Our brains. They’re a mystery to most of us, including those who spend their lives studying them. But this much we do know…it’s possible to affect change in the brain, even after the age at which we stop growing. We can rewire our brains and create new neural pathways after the age of 25, and this download can help. I’ve channeled a light language transmission with the intention, vibration, and galactic light codes that will cleanse and clear your brain of the habits of thought you’ve formed over the years. This recording will also create those new neural pathways for you to access with ease and grace. It’s time to start tapping into the power of these complex organs in our bodies. Joy! <3

Light Language for Connecting You to Your Hybrid Children

If you’ve ever wondered if you have hybrid children, then you probably do. They are members of the Sassani (Basher’s people), the Yahyel (those who will make first full and open contact with us), and a few other species we have yet to learn about. This light language I channeled will open you up to connecting with them psychically, energetically, and then eventually, physically. We will meet our hybrid children in this lifetime, and some of them are even blending in with human children right now, readying us for that time when they can openly walk among us. Listen to this one before you reach out to your hybrid children and/or right before you go to bed. Sweet dreams. Joy! <3

Light Language for Activating Your Psychic Abilities

Psychic abilities are on the rise of late. More and more of us are tuning in. If you haven’t had a psychic hit, a moment of telepathy, a precognition, or any of the other myriad of psychic phenomena, now is the time to open yourself up to these abilities. This light language I channeled is infused with the intention, vibration, and galactic light codes to bring your psychic abilities to the forefront of your consciousness. Psychics read energy and see down potential timelines, and after your abilities are activated, you’ll be able to do both for yourself and for others. Listen to it as many times as you feel inspired to. Love! <3

Light Language for Activating & Accessing Your Intuition

Our intuition. I feel that it’s become even more relevant in this information age when everything seems to be just a few clicks away. We need that internal guidance now more than ever, as there are usually at least two schools of thought on every possible subject. Maybe you have a vague idea of what your intuition is, but you aren’t really sure. Is it your mind talking to you? You mother in your head? Who knows, right? But we can know. We can have that certainty and clarity that our intuition is just waiting to give us. This light language transmission is infused with the galactic light codes, intention, and vibration to bring about a greater awareness of what your intuition is telling you. And then all you have to do is follow that intuitive hit! Joy! <3

Light Language For Connecting You To Your Spirit Animal

Spirit Animals. We all have at least one. If you’ve never been acquainted with yours, this light language transmission I channeled will help. Just listen to it and see what animal(s) pop into your mind’s eye. Yes. You could have more than one. Already know which animal(s) are your spirit animal? Then you can also benefit from this light language. It will strengthen that connection to your spirit animal. Don’t be surprised if you see the animal shortly after listening (even if that animal is on your computer screen or TV…still counts!). The best part about feeling connected to your spirit animal is the downloads you receive from that connection. The animals are here to assist us, and when you have that connection, you can really feel that. Love! <3

Light Language for Releasing You from Societal & Religious Programming

It’s hard to admit it, but we are all influenced by what society wants from us. And if you were raised in a religious home (as I was), you might also still be holding onto some of that religious programming that we had growing up. That’s why I channeled this light language transmission. I want to free all of us from this programming once and for all! And it’s okay if after listening, you see a commercial or a billboard, and it starts to happen again…because then you can just re-listen to this while holding the intention of letting it clear those programs from your mind, cells, and energy field. That’s true freedom, the freedom from unwanted influence. Freedom! <3

Light Language for Aligning You with the Fastest Timeline to Ascension

Ascension. When is it gonna happen already?? Well, I keep hearing 2028 in private sessions, but I also hear the guides saying that it could happen sooner if we jump timelines. That’s what this light language transmission is all about…getting you in the right frequency to jump timelines to the one where ascension will occur sooner than later. I channeled this light language and could feel the infusion of the energy of ascension. This is a HIGH frequency transmission of intention, vibration, and galactic light codes. Do this one once a day until you feel that you’ve jumped timelines and that ascension is right around the corner. Joy! <3

Light Language for Aligning You with More Synchronicities

Synchronicities. Don’t you love them? Don’t you feel really good when you’re in the middle of one? Well, listen to this light language transmission, and you’ll see and experience more and more of them! Synchronicities aren’t just fun to experience…they’re also the keys to realizing that everything is connected and that we are the creators of our reality 100% of the time. A good synchronicity will snap you out of the illusion of this 4th dimensional reality, and can put you in a lucid dreamlike state. This transmission is jam-packed with the intention, vibration, and galactic light codes specific to manifesting more synchronicities in your life. Love! <3

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