Light Language for Accessing the 5D Crystalline Energy Grid

How This Light Language Activation Will Allow You to Tap in to the 5th Dimensional Crystalline Energy Grid

I channeled this light language activation and infused it with the intention, vibration, and galactic light codes necessary to put you into vibrational resonance with the 5D Crystalline Energy Grid. To access the 5D Crystalline Energy Grid Means you are accessing the energies coming in that are grounded by you and all the other lightworkers around the world to co-create this 5th dimensional grid system. You contribute to it, and you benefit from it at the same time, and this light language helps you to tune into it.

Why is it Important to Access this 5D Crystalline Energy Grid?

This is how we gradually become 5th dimensional. It’s by accessing these energies that clear out the older, heavier, denser energies inside of us, making room for the lighter, higher dimensional, more expansive energies that are coming in from a variety of sources, including our higher selves and higher frequency beings like The Arcturian Council. By connecting with this grid, we connect with all that Mother Earth has stored in this beautiful and intricate grid system…a grid whose only purpose it is to assist us in our ascension to 5D!

How Often Should You Listen to this Recording?

Listen to this one before going out into nature to connect with the Earth energies and the wonderful grid system that always lies just under our feet. Also, you can listen to this one when you feel overwhelmed by the energies coming in so that you can release some of those energies into the grid system, being of service to those who are unable to access the energies directly. Giving and receiving energy with one another is what this time is all about. We can uplift each other into higher frequency states by tapping in to these beautiful grids. Joy! <3

light language transmission for accessing the fifth dimensional crystalline energy grid channeled by daniel scranton channeler of the arcturian council