Light Language for Accessing the Energies of The Shift/Event

The Shift. Or is it The Event now? At some point in 2018, people really started expecting that which my guides and other beings have been referring to as The Shift to happen soon, like really soon. And now, prediction after prediction for the event/shift have come and gone, leading some to speculate “Will it ever happen!?!?!” The answer is of course yes. But we don’t have to wait for a solar event/flash or cosmic wave of love to bring us those 5D energies. We can access that moment in this now. It’s all about attuning ourselves to it. That’s why I channeled this 6 minute light language. I want to empower you. I want you to be able to access these energies now, rather than waiting years and years for something outside of you to happen. This is the fourth dimension and that means we get to take control of our lives and what we create. Create your own personal event/shift now. Joy! <3