Light Language for Activating Your Astral Body & Inducing Astral Travel

The Astral Body and Astral Plane. What are they? How do we access them? When we use our minds to try to figure stuff like that out, it can give us a headache. Essentially, the astral body is the lightest version of your body that still includes your consciousness. It’s the body we use to travel around the astral plane when we’re asleep. What’s the astral plane? It’s a plane of existence that allows us to travel anywhere in the world, to any dimension, and to any star system. I channeled this light language transmission of 5:55 to activate our light bodies and induce astral travel. I suggest listening to this one right before falling asleep. Being in a tired state is sure to help. This light language is infused with the intention, vibration, and galactic codes to activate your astral body and induce astral travel. Fun! <3