Light Language for Aligning You with Your Dream Home & Ideal Location

Your dream home. We all have one. It’s more than just a fantasy, however. It’s a real physical, tangible object that’s probably already built and waiting for you to move in. In addition to creating, manifesting, and experiencing your dream home, wouldn’t you like to know where on Earth you’d feel most AT home…which country, state, town, city? That’s why I channeled this light language transmission of just under six minutes. I infused the light language with the intention, vibration, and galactic light codes to bring you into harmony with your dream home and ideal location on the planet. Being in that sweet spot is so, so very nice. I feel like we found ours years ago here on Maui, and yet, as much as we love our current home…we know there’s an even more dreamy house in our future. And I know that’s true for everyone. Listen to this one and then check out or…or wherever homes are listed in your country. And feel the dream home alignment! Joy <3