Light Language for Receiving Divine Inspiration ∞Channeled by Daniel Scranton

light language for receiving divine inspiration - channeled by daniel scranton - language of light - arcturianThis is a 6-Minute Downloadable MP3 Recording of a Light Language for Receiving Divine Inspiration – Channeled by Daniel Scranton

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How Will This Light Language Work for You?

Light languages work by giving us an activation that we can only receive by going beyond our beliefs, thoughts, and everything else that is in the domain of the physical mind. In this case, the activation being given is of your ability to receive downloads, ideas, and inspired thoughts directly from Source. I channeled this six-minute language of light and infused it with the intention, vibration, and galactic light codes necessary to give you that very activation. Receiving downloads, inspired thoughts, and life-altering ideas is exactly what we need to move beyond the third-dimensional way of living life. That’s why I chose to create this light language. I channeled it so that we can all move beyond the mundane, pedestrian way of perceiving the world and ourselves and move into a fifth-dimensional framework. Joy! <3

When Does It Serve You to Listen to this Language of Light?

If you’ve been struggling with something, really struggling with it, and you cannot find a solution no matter how long you ponder all the possibilities, then that is the perfect time to listen to this light language. Problems, circumstances that are unwanted, and quandaries that seem outside of our control are what inspire us to go further, to reach deeper, and to access more. The more in this case is this light language, designed specifically to raise your vibration and give you the activation necessary to get that inspired download from Source and the means to implement those Divine ideas. Oftentimes I’ve found that it’s the times when I’ve sat back, opened up, and let myself receive that I’ve had the most profound insights. This light language is the perfect companion to those moments when you’re most open to receive. Listen when you feel inspired to, but always listen when you’re stuck on something that has been gnawing at you, and this language of light put you in that perfect place to receive. Love! <3

light language for receiving divine inspiration - channeled by daniel scranton - language of light - arcturian