Light Language for Releasing Social Anxiety

language of light for releasing anxiety, fear, phobias, and more - channeled by daniel scranton, channelerThis Offering is a Downloadable Mp3 File of a Light Language Transmission – Channeled by Daniel Scranton

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How Will This Light Language Transmission Help You?

I channeled a 60 minute light language healing today for a client, and the feedback was very positive. She mentioned how she loved the way that light languages went right past the mind’s ability to conceive of their meaning. That’s exactly what I’ve been saying for years now. These light languages are activations, and they’re meant to take us to the next level of our evolution. If you’ve ever suffered from social anxiety, or if you just feel like you don’t fit in, this language of light will give you the ability to face and release that anxiety before going out into the world to run errands, to work, or to a party. This light language transmission of six minutes in length is filled with the galactic light codes, vibration, and intention to clear that anxiety out of your chakras and energy field so that you can life a fuller life. Joy! <3

What Is Social Anxiety?

When I was in my early 20’s, I saw a therapist once a week, and he gave me the diagnosis of “Social Phobia.” I really think he nailed it! I didn’t feel confident at all in myself, and I drank copious amounts of alcohol to cover up that feeling. Now, I realize that I’m not alone. In fact, when I listen to people being interviewed, even famous people, they’ll often say that they don’t feel very good at parties, that they enjoy being at home and just hanging out with their significant other, and that the anxiety they feel around their performances is real and somewhat debilitating. I think we all experience it, and facing it, doing something about it, that’s called our spiritual evolution.

How Often Does It Serve You to Listen to This?

That really depends on the degree to which you feel the anxiety and how often you need to leave the house and be around other people! If you find that you almost always feel anxiety, then listen to this transmission of light language before you leave the house, or make a phone call, or a youtube video. You might even feel social anxiety about your social media presence! I know that I sometimes second-guess myself whenever I talk on camera after one of my channeled messages. I go over in my head what I said and analyze it, afraid to even look at the comments. We all have these fears of persecution, and this light language will help! Love <3

language of light for releasing anxiety, fear, phobias, and more - channeled by daniel scranton, channeler