Sound Healing for Activating Your Christ Consciousness

Christ consciousness. It’s the true second coming of Jesus. We can experience the world in the way he did…Christ even says that in the Bible, and not even the kings and popes who edited the cool stuff out caught that one! Christ consciousness is a state of being. It’s a knowing that you are one with everything and exist in this reality as Source Energy in a physical body. This level of consciousness is attainable, no matter what we were taught when we were being indoctrinated as children by the seemingly all-powerful adults in our lives. That’s why I created this sound healing. I channeled tones and overtones while playing one of my crystal bowls, infusing the tones and sounds with the intention to activate that Christ consciousness within the listener. You. That’s right. You can experience Christ consciousness. So why not do it? Once a day seems like a good idea to me :). Love! <3