Sound Healing for Activating Your Vitality & Physical Energy

Chronic fatigue. It’s so common amongst the awakened that I would say it’s the most frequently experienced ascension symptom. That’s why I created this sound healing. I channeled tones and overtones while playing one of my crystal bowls, and I infused the sounds with the intention of activating the vitality and physical energy within your body. This is one that I’ve struggled with for over two decades, but lucky for me, I channel for a living! So that helps me get through the fatigue I feel on a daily basis. But if you don’t have a job that prompts you to tune in to higher frequencies, then you need something increase the flow of that vital energy. Do this one whenever you feel zonked out and need to re-energize. Lie down and close your eyes and let the tones and sounds do the rest! Joy <3