Sound Healing for Blasting Through All Your Blocks to Manifestation

Manifesting the reality we want. It’s something we have been striving for since the moment we learned we COULD. And yet, there are always some blocks, some obstacles, something that gets in the way of us living the lives we want to live and having all the circumstances just as we want them. I would love to be living in a nicer home, with more windows, more bedrooms, further from the street, etc. But I’ll immediately think about all the reasons why we can’t afford a house like that. So this sound healing is for all of us. We all have something, some trip, some relationship, some aspect of our lives we would love to be different. And once again, I got these new crystal bowls!! And I toned along with one of them while holding the intention that the sounds created by me and the bowls will break right through those blocks. Manifest! <3