Sound Healing for Boosting Your Immunity to All Viruses & Infectious Diseases

sound healing for boosting your immunity to all viruses & infectious diseases - channeled by daniel scranton channeler of arcturian councilThis 10-Minute Sound Healing Contains Tones, Overtones & Sounds for Boosting Your Immunity to All Viruses & Infectious Diseases

How Will This Sound Healing Boost Your Immunity to Viruses & Infectious Diseases?

We are existing at a strange time in our world. To deny that a virus exists at this point would be silly, and instead, it makes perfect sense to do everything in our power to raise our vibrations up above it so that we can live comfortably and socialize with confidence again. That’s why I created this 10-minute sound healing. For this sound healing, I played one of my crystal bowls, while channeling tones and overtones, and I infused the playing and toning with the intention of activating your body’s immune system and raising your vibration to such an extent that your immune system will be able to keep you safe and healthy from the covid-19 virus and all other viruses and infectious diseases. Flu season is also upon us in the United States, and this sound healing will put you in a state of being to keep you in that higher-vibrational energy that makes you incompatible with getting sick. We can rise above the vibrational frequency of covid-19 and all other viruses and infectious diseases, and sound is the perfect tool for keeping us happy and healthy. It works with vibration to alter our physical, emotional, mental, and energetic bodies. Love! <3