Sound Healing for Clearing, Healing, Opening, Activating & Upgrading Your Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra. It’s often overlooked as the powerhouse that contains our energies around creativity and sex. When you think about creativity and sex, you probably recognize that there’s a lot of high frequency emotions you can feel around those topics, including joy, excitement, and love. I created this sound healing with one of my crystal bowls and the tones and sounds I channel to clear, heal, open, activate, and upgrade this powerful chakra. As you can probably imagine, we hold a lot of trauma in this chakra from unwanted sexual experiences and being or feeling rejected. Additionally, anytime we’ve put something we’ve created out there in the world, and it’s been not-so-well received, those traumas are also stored in the sacral. Listen to this one whenever you need to clear a block or feel one of those traumas coming up. Joy! <3