Sound Healing for Clearing, Upgrading & Activating Your Heart Chakra

The heart. Is there a more valuable part of the human body? And the heart chakra affects the heart, which means it’s the most important chakra we have. Over the course of our many lifetimes, we experience heart-related traumas that stay with us. We get blocked. We feel pain. We don’t feel anything. All sort of negative experiences come with those traumas. And in this lifetime, we signed up to do the work of clearing, healing, and releasing all that no longer serves us from our 7 main chakras so that we can allow in more of that fifth dimensional/higher self energy and consciousness. That’s why I created this sound healing. It’s 10 minutes long, and it features my channeled tones and overtones, along with crystal bowl sounds. All the tones are infused with the intention to upgrade, clear, and activate your heart chakra. Love! <3