Sound Healing for Clearing & Upgrading Your Solar Plexus Chakra for Activating Confidence & Power

This 10 minute sound healing is for clearing and upgrading your solar plexus chakra. The solar plexus chakra is responsible for giving us a feeling of confidence, power, independence, and a sense of identity. As we move through our many lifetimes, we can accumulate baggage in this chakra in the forms of self-doubt, low self-worth, lack of confidence, feeling helpless, and not know who we really are or even who we really want to be. A blocked solar plexus chakra can result in us giving our power away to anyone with the slightest bit of authority. Blocks can also lead to shrinking in the face of every challenge. This sound healing was created with a crystal bowl and the tones and overtones I channel. It will clear and upgrade your solar plexus chakra, leaving you feeling confident, powerful, and knowing who you really are. Enjoy! <3