Sound Healing for Healing All Ailments in Your Pets

sound healing for healing all ailments in your pets channeled by daniel scrantonThis Downloadable MP3 is a Sound Healing that was Channeled to Heal Any & All Ailments in your Pets

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How Will This Sound Healing Work to Heal All Ailments in Your Pets?

Our pets. They’re our friends, our family members, and our traveling companions throughout this and many other lifetimes. When they get sick, we hurt. It’s so hard to see them in any type of pain and/or discomfort. That’s why I created this 10-minute sound healing. It’s a downloadable mp3 that you can play for your pet to heal your furry (or feathered…or hairy :)) friend. No matter what type of pet you have, the tones, overtones, and sounds I channeled during this 10 minute recording will offer the vibration necessary to counter the vibration that has been making your pet feel ill. That’s how this sound healing works. It carries the vibration of the intention I hold for the energy created in it. This sound healing is very high-vibrational and soothing, so as you listen along with your pet, you’ll be healed by raising your vibration as well. And you probably already know this, but our pet’s vibration is a reflection of our own. So cuddle up with your little loved one and listen together. Love! <3

When & How Often Does it Serve Your Pet to Listen to This Recording?

After the first time you play this sound healing for your pet, you’ll get a feel for how often he or she needs/wants to listen to it. Pets are so present in the moment that they can listen over and over again without getting bored, and with each listen, I’m sure they will start feeling better and better. If you’re leaving the house without your pet, you could leave it on repeat and let your pet bask in the high-vibrational energy of this sound healing. Joy! <3

sound healing for healing all ailments in your pets channeled by daniel scranton