Sound Healing for Opening You Up to Receiving All that You’ve Ever Asked For

Receiving. It’s the aspect of the Divine Feminine that’s been coming up a lot lately. I know this from private sessions where I’m channeling for people, and the beings and collectives I channel keep saying it over and over. They’re telling us we need to stop doing and asking and start relaxing and receiving. It goes against what we’ve been programmed to think because all of the authority figures in our lives as children told us “money doesn’t grow on trees” and other disempowering statements. But now we’re adults, and we’ve done enough. And let’s not forget all the lifetimes previous to this one where we’ve asked the universe and toiled away at some mind-numbing job. That’s why I channeled these tones and overtones while playing one of my crystal bowls. The sounds are all infused with the intention to open you up to receiving all that you’ve ever asked for!This includes, but is not limited to: money, relationships, health, spiritual gifts, E.T. encounters, and anything and everything else you’ve ever asked the universe for. Love <3