Manifesting Abundance ∞Archangel Michael

Manifesting Abundance ∞Archangel MichaelThis is a Channeled, Downloadable MP3 Recording for Manifesting More Abundance from Archangel Michael


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Receiving More Wealth, Abundance & Money

Abundance. It’s everywhere, but at the same time, we can limit our experience of it in the physical realm, and at some point, almost all of us have. But we don’t limit our access to abundance intentionally. But rather, that habit of limitation is something we pick up from our parents, teachers, friends, society, etc. That’s why I channeled this recording with Archangel Michael on how to manifest wealth and abundance. Now that we’re aware of how we create our reality with our vibration, and that we can allow in (manifest) what we create consciously by intending to do so, we can shift our experience with abundance…in all areas of life!

How Archangel Michael’s Approach to Receiving More Abundance Works

In this 13 and a half minute download, Archangel Michael teaches us about the concept of money, abundance, and energy flow. Michael is known for providing protection, but the archangel offers so much more than that in this recording. Michael takes us through a step-by-step process to open ourselves to more of the abundance that we truly are. Michael helps us to tap into the infinite abundance of energy that flows from within us. The Archangel will guide you to that flow, open that channel, and put you in a state of positive expectation for the energy of abundance to flow to you. You will start to see the results in your bank account almost immediately. 

When Should You Listen to This Recording on Manifesting Abundance?

My suggestion for listening to this soothing, relaxing, and pleasant recording is that you do it every day, feeling for the difference in your vibration on the subjects of money and abundance. You can also do it whenever you feel overwhelmed by bills or debt. You’ll be able to skip ahead to the 7 minute mark, which is where the process really begins. That’s just six and a half minutes of focusing on being in the vibrational state that will put you into alignment with the abundance that you want to receive…the abundance you’ve been waiting for your entire life…and perhaps even several lifetimes. Joy! <3

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