Sound Healing for Releasing Fear and Anxiety and Activating Self-Confidence

Fear & Anxiety can be crippling. Some of us who have felt these emotions for most of our lives can attest to the fact that sometimes it feels like there’s a bottomless pit of fear and anxiety inside of us. Processing these emotions is the key to moving past them and stepping into higher frequency vibrations like self-confidence. This sound healing is infused with the intention to release those emotions from inside of us, while also activating the vibration of self-confidence. My channeled tones and overtones, along with the hypnotic sounds from the crystal bowl I played, will assist you in moving beyond crippling anxiety and abject fear. I recommend doing this one twice in a row. The first time, focus on releasing the fear & anxiety. The second time, focus on activating the self-confidence. It’s all inside of us. Enjoy! <3