Sound Healing for Stopping & Reversing the Aging Process

In this 10 minute sound healing, I channeled tones and overtones while playing one of my crystal bowls, and all the sounds created are infused with the intention and vibrations necessary to stop and reverse the aging process. We are evolving, and one of the ways we’re evolving is to move from a carbon based body to a crystalline based vehicle. That means we DO have more control over the bodies we inhabit. We don’t have to give in to the societal programming that says we will grow old, deteriorate, and die. I have heard the guides I channel say over and over again that through the ascension process, there is no need to die in this lifetime. And since there’s no need to die, there certainly isn’t a need to age. Listen to this one whenever you feel yourself giving in to the belief that you are deteriorating because of your age. Enjoy! <3