Guided Meditations

Meditation for Releasing All Blockages ∞Archangel Michael

Blockages. We all know we have them. Perhaps you’re blocking abundance from flowing to you, or you’re blocking your gifts from coming online. Maybe you’re blocking your soulmate from appearing in your life experience. That’s why I channeled Archangel Michael for this meditation. Michael leads us through a simple process to release all the blockages in our chakras, energetic body, emotional body, physical body, and mental body. This meditation is set to beautiful new age music, and it runs for over 16 minutes in length. Do this meditation whenever you feel blocked in any area of life, and you will feel the blockages melting away. Joy! <3

Manifestation Meditation ∞Archangel Michael

Manifestation. It’s big word in the new age/spiritual realm, but there isn’t a lot of agreement as to how to go about doing it. This meditation with Archangel Michael, which is set to beautiful new age music, incorporates all the different methods – mantras, visualization, feeling your emotions, and becoming one with what you want to manifest (thereby no longer seeing it as something outside of you and unattainable). Whenever we desire something, it’s an opportunity to become one with it, to know it experientially. And this meditation will help you do just that. It’s the only tool you will ever need for manifesting everything – every experience, every relationship, every degree of abundance that you’ve ever wanted to have in your life. I recommend doing this one whenever you’re aware of a desire you haven’t manifested…yet. Love! <3

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