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Get Clarity with a Private Session

“That was the best reading I’ve ever had, and I’ve had a lot of readings!”

– Lorraine, Florida

Have all your questions privately answered by The Arcturian Council, The Creators, The Founders, Archangel Gabriel, The Hathors, Yeshua, The Buddha, St. Germain, The Pleiadian High Council of Seven, Quan Yin, Ophelia, The Zetas, The Quanthians, Mother Mary, or Archangel Michael.

If you want to get a group together for a private session, the prices are the same. I do almost all of our sessions over a conference line these days, so you can get a group of friends together from all over the country and book a group private session to split the cost!

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The session will be over the phone (Skype for international callers)

The session will be recorded and sent to you via email right after we hang up.

“I’ve been feeling so light since the session” – Carla

Not sure how much time you’ll need? If you need more than you have booked, you will receive an invoice (at $3.25/min.) for the rest. If you need less, you can save the rest for another session.

Want to do some DEEP work and save 20% on every session? Sign up for weekly sessions (minimum of four), and you’ll be able to meet with my guides once a week. You can do The Creators one week, Archangel Michael the next, etc. Cancel any time after you’ve had four sessions…

“It was exactly what I needed to hear and very transformational.” – Carla

“The answers are always clear, I always feel so much better after a channeling session with Daniel!” – Pavlina

“Thank you so much for this session. That was amazing, very healing. I am so grateful and filled with love.” – Rachel,


Sessions with Daniel the Conscious Guide

Want to have a private session with Daniel instead? While talking to the higher-dimensionals is a lot of fun, and the energy transmission is amazing, sometimes we want a more grounded conversation with someone who can share their personal experiences and insights. And that’s why I’ve decided to begin offering sessions with me, Daniel. Everything else will be the same…we’ll connect via my conference line or Skype, and the session will be recorded and sent to you. I just won’t go into the channeling state. If you want a session with me, just purchase a regular session and let me know via email that I won’t be channeling!

“It was everything I had hoped for.”

“The Creators offered me a wonderful, unfiltered perspective from non-physical on my questions about my life! Their energy is so loving, wise and so clear and concise. Definitely seeing over the mountain-tops and offering guidance, but yet careful not to unwrap the presents for me. I am very pleased I attracted this information as a means of helping me through this transformation of consciousness. Between the daily quotes and the sessions, I will continue to utilize Daniel and The Creators as an excellent resource to assist me in integrating more of my Higher Self into this physical expression. My heartfelt thanks… “

– Phil, Michigan

“I wanted to send a warm and loving thank you for the session the other night. I can’t really describe in words the information and energy received by The Creators. It was exactly what I needed to hear and very transformational. I was particularly surprised they were able to give me a message from my grandparents who died when my mom was only 16 years old and I have never met. It left me speechless. The most marvelous part is that they told me at the end they will continue to download information energetically and OMG downloads they gave and are still giving. That night after speaking with them, energy was flowing profoundly, I released some shit I was holding on to, as well. My crown chakra was tingling and I felt an opening. Marvelous indeed!

Even though we didn’t record the session, it was if they were constantly giving me the information I thought I couldn’t remember during the session. Hard to explain but the recording is available whenever I need to be reminded, if that makes any sense.

Thank you again! I will certainly book another session since I ran out of time and will contact you soon in a few weeks, for a follow up. I am extremely grateful for the synchronicity that allowed me to find you. Thank you.”

-Carla, St. Petersburg, FL

“Daniel Scranton and The Creators have been a huge help to me. I have done several public sessions and one private session with Daniel, and the information he brings through is fantastic. I have studied the teachings of many inspired, genuine teachers over the years, and the information source that he taps into is definitely of a VERY high vibration. Of course Daniel’s accessibility and genuine love for helping people is what is most clear and attractive to me. I had a number of personal matters that were bothering me, and after my private session, I felt lighthearted, relieved, and optimistic about my situation. His wonderful spiritual energy and the wisdom that he taps into is genuine – it lovingly and humorously guides anyone who makes themselves available to this information. If you are considering working with Daniel, I simply say “let nothing stop you”. You’ll be glad you did!”

-Ryan Harris, Prosperity Radio

“I’m very grateful to know The Creators. I feel their unconditional love which brings me in a higher vibration. I can ask anything I want. The answer comes right from his heart. I know them; they feel like family to me. I feel their energy flow and it makes me joyful.”

-Lien Peppermans, Belgium

“The listener can instantly sense that Daniel’s channeling abilities come from the heart. The insight and love which come through are personal and powerful. Daniel is truly tapping into the greater collective. One example of this was when the channeled entity was able to clarify the specific date of an event. Another time, the entity was able to offer dream interpretation that was spot on and revolutionary for my growth in making peace with my father. My sessions with Daniel have always been heart-opening experiences. He channels with precision and integrity.”

-Eliza Shin, Chicago IL

“Daniel Scranton is amazing! He is very easy to approach with questions and the answers are always clear, I always feel so much better after a channeling session with Daniel!”

-Pavlina Horwath, Hollywood CA

“I’ve had the pleasure of having had many sessions with Daniel. He is kind, thoughtful and very easy to talk to wether he is channeling the spirit realm or just life coaching. He is a truly gifted channel on the level of those like Daryl Anka (Bashar), Wendy Kennedy (The 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective, Ramshi), Nora Herold (The Pleiadians, Yeshua, others), Lee Carroll (Kryon), Geoffrey Hoppe (Tobias) and many other of the top Spirit Channelers in the world. I have learned a great deal from our interactions and eagerly look forward to each and every session that we have. Thanks Daniel!”

-Brandon Ross, Burbank CA

“This channeling was thoughtful, humorous, uplifting and guiding. I had some heavy questions, that I have been struggling with for some time now. And when we were done, I felt so much relief, clarity, and guiltfree. It was wonderful and heartfeldt. I have to say that I have come a long way myself and feel that I can tune in to almost anything, so I am pretty critical in the choice of letting someone channel for me. I can highly recommend Daniel and the consciousness that came through. Or what they refeared to as themselves: “Daniel’s inner being, and then some”. I really did have some laughoutloud moments. This was great fun.”

-Emma Bender, Sweden

“Daniel and his non-physical friends have made a tremendous difference in my life. They’ve shifted my life from wonderful into spectacular. Daniel and The Creators make the absolute perfect team, to me they’re actually one and the same. Daniel makes you instantaneously feel at ease when you get in touch with him. He has such a soothing energy that radiates unconditional love for who you are. He makes you feel free to share whatever is on you mind, without judging in any way. The Creators feel where you are on your path and gives you the insights on how to move ahead in an exciting way, using the exact right words that you can easily hear and apply. Just by listening to him/them, you remember who you truly are and that feels like the ecstasy of life. If your life is anything less than the life of your dreams… give Daniel and The Creators a call! They’ll turn on the light switch to show you how you can get there in no time.”

-Kristien Van Evelghem, Belgium

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