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Group Live Q&A – Weekly Event

vibrational lift q&a


This Week’s Guides: The Hathors

∞Thursday, September 20th at 6:00pm Pacific/9:00pm Eastern

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  • Live Q&A group session.
  • You will be able to ask one burning question – and get guidance via everyone’s great questions!
  • We end when every participant has asked a question.
  • Ask your question even if you can’t be with us live.
  • Join via phone (local numbers), Skype, or listen online on webcast with just two clicks (works on smartphone too).
  • Download the recording right after the Live Q&A.
  • The Live Q&A may be sold in the store afterwards, so we recommend ask a question if you’d rather keep your question private.
  • After purchasing, you will receive an email with a link to the Live Q&A.

frequency lift after session i was super charged
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“Last night was more than excellent. I loved it and felt a loving opening that I have not allowed in a long time. I also felt a balm like energy that was cleansing my aura and my physical form. Thank you. I will definitely attend the next session.” – Pat Jenkins

“After your Live Q&A I was supercharged” – Merry Jones

“I was having a really rough day today energy wise and as soon as you came on my energy shifted” – Marcos

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About the channel Daniel Scranton

“That was the best reading I’ve ever had, and I’ve had a lot of readings!” - Lorraine, FL.

Daniel has been a verbal channel since 2010. He has done hundreds of live and online group events and private sessions with people all over the world.

He is channeling a collective of higher dimensions - which is non-physical consciousness that has the broadest perspective of what's happening in our lives on planet earth. These guides have contracted to work with Daniel, and are guiding us through the exciting and turbulent times we are experiencing at this time of the Shift.

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