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April 2018 Advanced Group Channeling Class w/The Creators ∞Audio

In the two hours of audio from this Advanced Group Channeling Class, I channeled The Creators. During the course of the two hours, The C’s took the class through a series of exercises designed to get the participants to channel a variety of high frequency beings. If you purchase this download, expect to do a lot of channeling. You’ll be taken through processes to get you channeling beings like: the sun, the Lyrans, Mary Magdalene, a hybrid child, and beings from The Galactic Federation. You will have the opportunity to practice these exercises over and over, mastering the craft of channeling. Love! <3

How to Access the Power of Your Future Selves ∞The Creators

In this download of 11 minutes and 11 seconds, I channeled The Creators, and they brought through a transmission that gives us a process for accessing the power, vibration, experiences, and valuable information from our future selves. The C’s then help us to integrate all of it into our current selves so that we can benefit from what our future selves are living in the here and now. If you’ve ever accessed a past life version of yourself, this is a similar process, except you’re reaching out into several different very positive future realities. Love! <3

How to Ground to Mother Earth & Access the Power of Her Core ∞The Creators

In this download of 11 minutes and 12 seconds, I channeled The Creators, and they took us through a process of grounding to Mother Earth and accessing the power of her core. This is a download that you can do over and over again, as it is so beneficial to be grounded to the planet and feel her vibration and energy. Earth is ascending with us, and she is definitely leading the way. She has so much love and information to give us, and it’s so important to disconnect from our electronic devices and make time for our beautiful, loving Mother Earth. Love! <3

Breathing Exercises for Aligning, Clearing & Opening Your Seven Main Chakras

In this download of 16 minutes and 45 seconds, I channeled The Creators, and they took us through a process that uses our breathing, intention, and attention to align, activate, cleanse, clear, and open our chakras up to receive all the beautiful love, light, energy, upgrades, and downloads that we’ve been given from the beings in the higher realms. You can do this one on a regular basis, as needed. It’s going to leave you in a very good-feeling place, ready to create new and magical experiences for yourself and the rest of the collective. Enjoy! <3

Breathing Exercises for Opening Your Third Eye ∞The Creators

In this download of 12 minutes, I channeled The Creators. The C’s take you through a series of steps to utilize simple breathing techniques for opening your third eye. They then encourage you to begin reading the messages being sent to your third eye, using your clairvoyant abilities. The process could not be simpler, and yet, the results will be profound. You will begin accessing your clairvoyance by the end of the recording. And trust me, that will open you up to so much more information. Love! <3

How to Break Your Unhealthy Habits ∞The Creators

In this download of 13 minutes and 13 seconds, The Creators bring through a process for breaking unhealthy, or just unwanted, habits. The Creators explain how these habits get started, how we come to demonize them, what they’re actually covering up, and what to do about all of it. No matter what the habit is, if you’re doing something you no longer wish to do, this download will help. Love! <3

How to Maintain a High Vibration & Be of Service to Those Offering a Low Vibration

In this download of just over 11 and a half minutes, I channeled The Creators, and they brought through a process for helping us hold a higher vibration while those around us are not. When we have no choice but to be around people who are always looking at the negative, worrying, or fearing the worst, this process can be a lifesaver. Ultimately there are people who we do love and want to spend time with (like family members), but who are at a point in their lives where they can only offer a low vibration. And we can help, while also maintaining a higher vibration. Love <3

Mantras for Rewriting Your Blueprint for This Lifetime ∞The Creators

In this download of just over 12 minutes, The Creators offer us several mantras that, when we harmonize with them, will enable us to rewrite our blueprint for this lifetime. The Creators do more than just offer the mantras, however. They also walk us through the process of harmonizing with these mantras, making them effective. Any mantra is only as effective as your ability to resonate with it. After doing this process of speaking and harmonizing with the mantras, you will feel inspired to write a new blueprint for this lifetime. Love! <3

Mantras for Achieving Perfect Health & Well-Being ∞The Creators

In this download of 12 minutes and 12 seconds, The Creators give us a series of mantras to help us achieve perfect health and well-being. Whether you have ascension symptoms or chronic conditions, this download will help you achieve the health you’ve been seeking. The Creators do more than just give us the mantras. They also help us to find perfect harmony with the mantras after we speak them. That’s the real secret to using mantras or positive thought to achieve anything. Love <3

Mantras for Connecting with Your Soul Family in This Lifetime ∞The Creators

In this download of 12 minutes and 12 seconds, I channeled The Creators, and they brought through a series of mantras that are designed to help you connect with your soul family in this lifetime. The C’s also walk you through a process to insure that you are aligning with the mantras that you’re speaking out loud. Speaking the mantras will help you realize how close or far you are vibrationally from the experience you want – connecting with your soul family – and then you can close whatever gap there is. Enjoy! <3

Shifting Into 2018 Online Event w/The Creators & Maricris ∞Audio

The audio from this workshop I did with my lovely and talented wife is over 3 hours and 17 minutes in length. The workshop began with a guided meditation, led by Maricris. Next, I channeled The Creators on the topic of the upcoming year and what to expect/how to optimize our abilities to create our reality. Maricris then offered some suggestions for the upcoming year as well. 

We then moved to the question and answer portion of the event. Maricris answered the questions from the attendees, reading their energy, chakras, and then offering suggestions based on what she saw. Finally, I channeled The Creators, and they answered questions from the attendees, offering their perspective and wisdom. Enjoy! <3

Mantras for Embodying More of Source Energy ∞The Creators

In this download of 12 and a half minutes, I channeled The Creators, and they offered a series of mantras that, when spoken and aligned with, will allow you to embody more of Source Energy in your daily life. The Creators make sure that you resonate with each mantra before moving on to the next one. Each mantra was chosen carefully by The C’s. The result is that you will shift your vibration significantly enough to become more of the You that you have always intended to be. Love! <3

How to Leverage Your Debt to Receive All the Abundance You’ve Asked For ∞The Creators

In this download of 11 minutes and 11 seconds, The Creators take us through a process for accessing all of the abundance that we’ve summoned as a result of the debt we currently hold. They also widen the scope of the process to include all of the asking of the entire human collective. After doing this process, you will feel the abundance inside of you and all around you, and you’ll be free of the programming that tells you there are only a few possible ways to get out of your debt. Freedom! <3

Freeing Yourself from the Trauma of Enslavement ∞The Creators

In this download of 11 minutes and 11 seconds, The Creators take us through a process of releasing ourselves from the trauma of being enslaved, or even feeling enslaved. There are so many aspects of our lives now that we can access that feeling of enslavement from – jobs, mortgages, debt, the government – and this download can help. As we confront the trauma of feeling enslaved in this lifetime, we also access the trauma of actually being slaves in past lives. After listening to this download, you will clear that trauma and activate the power of being the creator of your reality. Joy! <3

Mantras for Connecting You to & Receiving More Wisdom from Your Spirit Guides

In this download of just over 12 minutes, The Creators bring through a series of mantras that will connect you more fully to your spirit guides, and they also will help you to receive more love, support, guidance, and wisdom from your guides. The C’s go further than just telling you what mantras to speak…they also guide you to resonate with the mantras vibrationally. This one is for all of us who have ever wanted more connection with our guides. Love! <3

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