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Higher Self Download & Activation Meditation ∞Yeshua

In this 16 minute meditation from Yeshua, he guides us through the activating and downloading of our Higher Self. This meditation will align you with the energies and the consciousness of your Higher Self, giving you full access to your fifth dimensional self. You will feel renewed and rejuvenated after doing this meditation, and it is a guided meditation that you can do daily to remind you of who you really are and to get your day started on the right foot. Enjoy! <3

Love Vibration Activation ∞Yeshua

In this download of just over 13 minutes, Yeshua takes us through an exercise to get us to feel and vibrate the Love vibration that exists within us at all times. This process will get you vibrating in harmony with your true self, your Source Energy self, and you’ll feel more in harmony with all beings after completing it. The love vibration will be easier for you to access, whenever you want to feel it, no matter whom you are with, and that’s truly what life is all about. Enjoy in love <3

Confidence Activation ∞Yeshua

In this download of just under 11 and a half minutes, Yeshua guides us through a process to activate the confidence that can only come from with us. He will leave you feeling full of confidence, Source Energy, and ready to move forward boldly in whatever you want to do, say, create, or express in your life. This is a powerful transmission, and it will remind you/reunite you with your eternal, infinite, and truest self as well. Enjoy with confidence <3

A Healing for Sexual Trauma ∞Yeshua

In this download of just under 12 and a half minutes, Yeshua takes us through processes to heal known and unknown sexual traumas from this lifetime and all past lives. We all carry sexual trauma in our cells, second chakras, and energy fields, but with the help of Yeshua we can clear and heal it all. This is a powerful integration, as well as a healing, so please drink plenty of water after doing it to give your bodies what they need to process the energy. <3

How to Channel Your Fifth Dimensional Self ∞Yeshua

In this download of 11 minutes and 11 seconds, Yeshua walks us through the process of connecting with our 5th dimensional selves. He then encourages us to receive the information our 5D self has about ascension, how to enjoy it, and what to do in order to get there. By the end of the download, you will receive images, insights, and will be channeling verbally for your 5D self. Trust it! And enjoy 🙂 <3

How to Heal Relationships with Loved Ones ∞Yeshua

In this download of just over 11 minutes and 11 seconds, Yeshua takes us through a series of steps that we can use to heal all relationships with others – family members, spouses, co-workers, friends, and any others we have a relationship of any kind with. No matter what the nature of the relationship is, the other is a loved one on some level. Yeshua guides us to see these relationships as reflections of our relationship to self, and he notes that the foundation of all of these relationships is Love. Enjoy <3

Vibrational Upgrade ∞Yeshua

In this download of just over 11 minutes from Yeshua, he takes us through a process of upgrading and up-leveling our vibrations. He connects us to a field that represents our daily vibrational offering, and he helps us merge that with the highest vibrational offering coming from our heart centers. He also offers a transmission to surround us and support us through the process. After listening to this download, you will feel re-charged, re-energized, and recommitted to holding a higher vibration throughout your day. Enjoy! <3

Cleansing & Clearing Meditation ∞Yeshua

In this 15 minute meditation, led by Yeshua, he takes us through a cleansing and clearing out of all that no longer serves us and is of a lower frequency. He guides us through the cleansing of our chakras, cells, and energy field, and he does so with the high frequency energy that you would expect from an ascended master. Set to beautiful new age music, this meditation is one that will leave you feeling lighter, clearer, and ready to absorb more of the high frequency energy of the fifth dimension. Enjoy! <3

Ascension Attunement ∞Yeshua

In this download of 11 minutes and 11 seconds, Yeshua walks us through an ascension experience. He assures us that ascension is ours for the taking, that there’s no need to earn it, and that the only requirement is a willingness to feel the love that we are. He gives us an attunement, filled with his Love and Light that will resonate with that which is Divine and eternal in all of us. This one can be done any time you need a reminder of the truth of who you really are. Enjoy! <3

Hands on Healing Attunement ∞Yeshua

This download/attunement of just over 11 and a half minutes gives us a brand new healing modality, combining the energy of Yeshua with the love in our hearts. The energy from this attunement from Yeshua can be used to heal ourselves, other people in our lives, and the entire collective. You will feel the energy in the palms of your hands after receiving this attunement, and you can use it to get yourself and others back in the flow of the healing energy that is available to us all…always! Enjoy 🙂

How to Receive & Listen to Your Own Guidance ∞Yeshua

In this 12 minute download from Yeshua, he takes us through processes to help us receive and discern our own guidance from social programming. He also helps us gain confidence in our abilities to feel the truth of that guidance and use it to follow through in making decisions that will affect our lives. Yeshua also offers his assistance in supporting us through the process of feeling into the right decisions for us. This is a process you’ll use over and over again… Enjoy! <3

Chakra Realignment & Clearing ∞Yeshua

In this download of just under 13 and a half minutes, Yeshua takes us through an alignment of our seven main chakras. He then offers a transmission of white light to clear and cleanse all of the lower frequency energies from them. Finally, he invites us to feel the effects of the chakra realignment and clearing. Your chakras will be freer to express the higher frequency energies and information they hold after completing this download. Enjoy! <3


Heart Blockage Removal & Unconditional Love Download ∞Yeshua

In this download of just over 12 minutes, Yeshua walks us through a process of melting away the blockages around our hearts that were formed each time our love was not received or reciprocated. He then offers us a download of unconditional love from the Yeshua collective, and that love will create new opportunities to BE the love that we seek…and to receive it back as well. Enjoy! <3

Trauma Release from Current & Past Lives ∞Yeshua

In this download of just over 11 and a half minutes, Yeshua guides us through a process that will help us clear and release all traumas from this lifetime. These traumas affect us in all areas of our lives, whether we are aware of them or not. Yeshua then offers a transmission of love and light that will clear all past life traumas from our energy fields, chakras, and cells. This is a process you can do each time a trauma from this lifetime gets reactivated, but there’s also the possibility that you’ll only need to do it once. Enjoy! <3

Religious De-Programming & Free Will Activation ∞Yeshua

In this download of just under 11 and a half minutes, Yeshua conveys the truth that we’ve all been exposed to religious programming in several of our lifetimes. He then takes us back to the moment of our birth, where our free will was in its purest state. He leads us through exercises to activate that free will and release the religious programming from our current lifetime, past lives, and the collective consciousness. He also grants us permission to follow our own guidance and to know ourselves as Source. Enjoy!

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