Manifesting Abundance ∞Archangel Michael

Abundance. It’s everywhere, but at the same time, we can limit our experience of it in the physical realm. Often, we don’t do so intentionally…but rather, that habit of limitation is something we pick up from our parents, teachers, friends, society, etc. Now that we’re aware of how we create our reality with our vibration, and that we can allow in (manifest) what we create consciously by intending to do so, we can shift our experience with abundance…in all areas of life! In this 13 and a half minute download, Archangel Michael teaches us about the concept of money, abundance, and energy flow. They then take us through a process to open ourselves to more of the abundance that we truly are. Do this one every day and change your relationship to money and abundance forever. Enjoy! <3

manifesting abundance archangel michael daniel scranton