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Tones and Overtones for Activating 5th Dimensional DNA ∞The Creators & Hathors

In this download of 11 minutes and 11 seconds, The Creators, The Hathors, Quan Yin, and The Arcturian Council (there may have been a few other contributors as well) transmit tones and overtones that are designed to activate our 5th dimensional DNA. You can sit back and listen to these tones and overtones or tone along. Either way, you’ll receive the benefit of your exposure to them, as they are infused with the intention to activate our 5D DNA. Drink lots of water after doing this one. You’re sure to have a lot of energy moving through you. Enjoy! <3

Channeled Wisdom from Higher Dimensional Beings ∞eBook

This eBook is the result of four and a half years of channeling these messages for you all on a daily basis. I’ve often referred to them as “The Daily Quotes.” This ebook contains 240 of those quotes from eight of the higher dimensional beings I’ve channeled in that timeframe: Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, The Founders, The Hathors, The Creators, Ophelia the Faerie, and The Pleiadian High Council of Seven. Channeling these beings has been a labor of Love for me, and I’m very happy to offer this compilation of those quotes to all of you. Enjoy!!! <3


Accessing the 5th Dimension Meditation ∞Quan Yin

In this 15 minute meditation from Quan Yin, she takes us on a journey to the 5th Dimension. She helps us access our light bodies, the abilities we know are available to us in 5D, and the 5th Dimension itself. This meditation is set to beautiful new age music, and Quan Yin’s energetic transmission is strong and unmistakable. Once you achieve the 5D frequency state, Quan Yin gives and activation to help you stay there as well. Welcome to the 5th Dimension! Enjoy <3


Tones & Overtones for Detoxing Your Cells & Organs ∞Various Guides

In this download of just over 10 and a half minutes, various guides of mine (The Creators, The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council, Quan Yin, and possibly more) collaborated to produce these healing tones and overtones that are designed to detoxify our cells and organs. The intention infused into the tones and overtones, the high frequency they carry, and the literal pushing out of the toxins by the sound waves will all help to create the desired effect in the physical body. Tone along, or simply lay back and let the tones do what they do. Be sure to drink lots of water after listening to this one. Enjoy! <3


Creating a Life of Abundance w/The Creators & Quan Yin ∞Audio

In this online event I did with my wife, Maricris Dominique Dela Cruz-Scranton, I channeled The Creators and she channeled Quan Yin. The event lasted just over 2 and a half hours, and besides the topic of Creating a Life of Abundance, there were many other areas covered. Some of those topics included: getting a book published, feeling boredom, feeling social anxiety, and starting a new business. Maricris also led us through a wonderful and powerful opening meditation. It was a lovely event, and the energies that The Creators & Quan Yin transmitted with stay with you for a while after hearing the recording… Enjoy! <3


Accessing the Wisdom of the Heart ∞Audio Recording

The audio recording from this online workshop with Quan Yin & The Creators is just over 3 hours long, and it contains a wealth of information and processes. Maricris Dominique Dela Cruz led the opening meditation that will ground you and connect you to Source. We each channeled intros – me from The Creators, and Maricris from Quan Yin. And then in the Q&A, there were so many topics covered, including weight, financial abundance, and relationships. The Creators also offered a process for integration. It’s jam-packed with great stuff. Enjoy! <3

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Divine Feminine Energy Activation & Integration ∞Quan Yin

In this download of just over 11 minutes and 11 seconds, Quan Yin explains what the Divine Feminine Energy is all about and walks us through a process of activating it and integrating it so that we can receive everything that we’ve been asking for in this lifetime. No matter whether you inhabit a male or female body, this download will help you open yourself to receiving more. Enjoy <3!

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May 2016 Advanced Group Channeling Class with Quan Yin ∞Audio

In this audio recording of 2 hours, Quan Yin leads us through a variety of processes, meditations, and exercises to get us into the channeling state and speak for all sorts of high-frequency beings. This was Quan’s first ever Group Channeling Class, and she knocked it out of the park. I’ve gotten really good feedback from three of the students who attended, and I’m sure you’ll love the recording! Enjoy <3

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April 2016 Group Live Q&A with Quan Yin ∞Audio Recording

The audio recording from this Group Live Q&A with Quan Yin is only the second one we’ve done together. It’s over an hour and 20 minutes in length, and it includes lots of questions and answers with the Ascended Master. She also delivered an introduction on the current energies. You’ll be able to feel the transmission of Love coming through from Quan in this one. Enjoy <3

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Tones & Overtones for Activating Your 5D Light Body ∞The Hathors & Quan Yin

Activating your 5th dimensional light body is possible in the here and now. The transition from the carbon-based 3D body to the crystalline-based 5D body is already underway. To give ourselves the experience of a conscious transition, there are many things we can do. Toning is one of them! So The Hathors & Quan Yin got together to deliver this download of over 10 minutes of tones and overtones to assist. You can tone along or just listen in and feel the shift in your frequency. Enjoy! <3

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How to Heal A Broken Heart ∞Quan Yin

We often feel heartbroken after a break-up with a romantic partner. We can feel empty, alone, or guilty after that type of experience. We feel the need for healing and mending that broken-hearted experience. Quan Yin offers a download to help us through those hard break-ups in the loving and compassionate way that she does. The download is just under 11 minutes in length and is infused with her beautiful energy. Enjoy <3

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How to Maintain a Happy, Healthy Romantic Relationship ∞Quan Yin

Once we are in the romantic relationship of our dreams, how do we stay in it? How do we have a satisfying partnership with another human on a romantic level? That’s what Quan Yin and I set out to determine in this transmission. I think she did an amazing job! It’s 11 minutes in length and filled with her loving energy. Enjoy <3

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How to Channel Ascended Masters ∞Quan Yin

This download represents the first time I’ve ever channeled Quan Yin. I got the inspiration to do it after a really good meditation, and I think the results speak for themselves. Quan Yin has been around me for a while now, and she finally came through when I invited and allowed her to. It can be that easy to channel an Ascended Master. But don’t take my word for it…check out the recording! Just over 13 minutes in length. Sweet compassionate Quan Yin will definitely reach out to your heart. Enjoy <3

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