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Accessing Your 5D Abilities Online Workshop ∞Audio Recording

We’ve all heard about the amazing abilities we will access when we fully engage with the fifth dimension, but how do we access them now? That was the topic for this online workshop I did with Ina Lukas. She channeled The Alchemists, and I channeled The Creators, and the recording is just over 2 hours and 45 minutes. You’ll receive processes and exercises to access your 5D abilities, and you’ll also hear the answers The Alchemists and The Creators gave to the questions posed by those who participated live. Enjoy! <3


Accepting Others Where They Are Online Event ∞Audio Recording

In the audio from this online event I did with Shelley Young, Archangels Michael & Gabriel spoke on this very important subject. The festivities began with an introductory statement from Michael & Gabriel on how to accept others and ourselves. Then they opened the floor to questions, and a variety of subjects were covered, including alcohol and substance abuse, relationships with others, human trafficking, and The Shift. The energy transmissions from each of the Archangels was super-high! Enjoy the download <3.

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Healing Your Inner Child Online Event ∞Audio Recording

The audio recording from this first ever collaboration with the gifted Maricris Dominique Dela Cruz is over three hours in length and contains numerous insights on the topic of the inner child. I channeled Archangel Michael, and Maricris brought her gifts as a medical and soul intuitive to the event. There were many questions asked and answered, and Maricris led the group in a beautiful meditation. No matter what your childhood was like, you will benefit from the wisdom offered in this recording. Enjoy! <3

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May 2016 Group Live Q&A with The Creators ∞Audio Recording

In this Group Live Q&A session with The Creators, there was an emphasis on the breath. It’s such a simple solution to so many of our challenges. The Q&A lasted about an hour and 20 minutes, and there were lots of different questions answered. The energy transmission from The Creators was very high. Lots of downloads! Enjoy <3

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April 2016 Group Live Q&A with the Pleiadians ∞Audio Recording

In this first-ever Group Live Q&A with The Pleiadian High Council of Seven, we had quite a turnout! I don’t usually offer these recordings, but this session was so good that I just had to. The event lasted almost 2 hours. I even needed a bathroom break in the middle of it :). The P’s were on point with all their answers and the energy transmission was very strong. Get ready for some serious downloads! Enjoy <3

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Raising Your Vibration to Create With Ease ∞Audio Recording

In an online event that lasted just over an hour and a half, Shelley Young channeled Archangel Gabriel and I channeled Archangel Michael on the topic of Raising Your Vibration to Create with Ease. The angels really brought it for this one! I was blown away by how easy they made it for us. So many great questions too. The frequencies transmitted were super high for this one. If you ever wanted to make raising your vibration and creating your reality easier on yourself…this is the recording for you! Enjoy <3

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January 2016 Advanced Group Channeling Class ∞Audio Recording

Here’s what one participant in this latest Advanced Group Channeling Class had to say about it…

“Hi Daniel, thank you! It was another amazing advanced channeling class with The Creators!!! When we connected with our main guides, I felt such a beautiful loving energy moving into my field, and then all throughout my body. Then, I was filled with so so much Light! …it filled the depths of my being and it was overwhelmingly divine! I couldn’t speak at first, because the energies of love and light were so powerfully enveloping my body. When I was finally able to speak, they told me why I am was beautiful! Overwhelmingly divine experience! Thank you and the Creators for this one!!!!!”

Two hours of channeled processes from The Creators. Enjoy! <3

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Sex & Sexuality Workshop ∞Audio Recording

Ina Lukas channeled The Alchemists, and I channeled The Creators in this online event that lasted almost 2 and a half hours. So much was covered! The Creators and The Alchemists each brought their unique perspectives and answered questions from the attendees. The energy was super high for this one! Enjoy the recording 🙂

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Shifting Into 2016 ∞Audio Recording

In this online event that lasted over 2 and a half hours, Shelley Young channeled Archangel Gabriel, and I channeled Archangel Michael. The subject was Shifting Into 2016, and the Archangels made many practical suggestions. And then there were the question and answer portions of the day. Everyone got to ask two questions, and a wide array of subjects were covered. It was a huge success! Great energy. Enjoy! <3

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November 2015 Advanced Channeling Class ∞Audio Recording

In this audio recording of just under two hours, The Creators led the Advanced Group Channeling Class with their usual wisdom and high-frequency energy. The feedback I received from those in attendance was off-the-charts good! It seems like The C’s have an unending number of processes to help take us deeper into the channeling state. Enjoy <3

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Divine Romantic Partnerships – Audio Recording

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In this event that ran for over 2 and a half hours, Shelley Young channeled Archangel Gabriel, and I channeled Archangel Michael. The flow of the offerings from each of the archangels was just beautiful to observe. Gabriel would pick up where Michael would leave off and offer their own unique perspective. There were many questions from the attendees on every imaginable angle on romantic partnerships. New ground was certainly broken! Enjoy <3

October 2015 Advanced Group Channeling Class – Audio

Here’s what people are saying about this latest Advanced Group Channeling Class with The Creators

“Just completed this class a bit ago… Was inspired to get out some paper and a pen… in the name of “Gratitude”. The class exceeded my expectations and reinforced how much I love the Creators AND The following: I have know Daniel Scranton, and co-created thru classes with him online for a little over two years. Realizing now that his work has provided a great “bridge” in me becoming more of who I really am. The words that were written, in appreciation, are: Accountability, consistency, authentic, open, integrity, friendly, diligent, light and of course, haha, humorous!”

“I just wanted you to know I thought last nights class was fantastic. The Creators offered and taught various ways to channel and I appreciated that…So thank you very much! Much love to you and in great appreciation for all that you do.”

Audio recording from the class is right around two hours in length. Enjoy! <3

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Trusting the Flow – Audio Recording

Trusting the Flow. What does it even mean? What’s the flow? How do we trust it? Shelley Young and I recently did a workshop on this very topic, and Archangels Michael & Gabriel weighed in on it. There were three segments in all. In the first segment, Shelley and I channeled the archangels on trusting the flow. And then Michael answered the questions from the participants. And finally, Gabriel got to answer questions. The recording is over 2 hours long and is full of that angelic energy that they so lovingly bring through us. Enjoy <3

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The Magic of Conscious Creation w/Ina & Me – Audio Recording

Ina Lukas and I channeled for over 3 hours for this online event! The Alchemists and The Creators took tons of questions on a variety of topics and offered solid, practical advice for creating the reality that you prefer. Also, receive the energy transmissions coming through Ina and me while you listen to this epic audio! Enjoy <3

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How to Integrate the Current Energies – Audio Recording

In this online event that I did with Allison Hamilton, The Creators and The Teachers channeled about the shift, the predictions about September, Wave X, and the energies of the eclipse. It was quite an event! You’ll realize exactly what you need to do to navigate these energies and actually enjoy the shift. There were also questions and answers, and the whole thing was around 2 and a half hours in length. So strap yourselves in. This one covered a lot of ground :). Enjoy! <3

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