Light Language Blessing for Financial Freedom

light language blessing for Financial Freedom - channeled by daniel scranton channeler of the arcturian councilThis Light Language Blessing of 6 Minutes in Length is for Activating the Vibration within You that will Result in You Being Able to Achieve Financial Freedom

How Will This Light Language Blessing Help You Achieve Financial Freedom?

Financial Freedom. We all want it. It translates into so much freedom in our lives. The freedom to do what we want, go where we want, and have whatever experiences we want to have. There are people on our world who have this feeling of financial freedom within them all the time…so much so that they hardly even recognize it as a feeling. But then there’s the rest of us. We have money, and then we don’t. We have abundance, and then we have debt. And a lot of our lives are spent taking actions to pay off that mortgage, car, student loan, etc., so that we never really feel free to just live. That’s why I channeled this light language blessing. I want to experience financial freedom so I can spend more time with my wife and daughter and to be able to go on vacation without worrying about money. I’m sure you all have those types of desires as well. So let’s do it! Let’s activate those vibrations of financial freedom. I know that this light language can do so, as I felt the vibration, energy, and galactic light codes that came through me as I channeled it. Love! <3

How Often & When Does it Serve You to Listen to This Light Language?

It’s a good idea to give this one a listen once and then see what happens in your life as far as money, finances and abundance go. Know that everything is built in to this light language blessing to give you that feeling you want to have within you, the feeling of financial freedom. But let’s say you know you have a lot of resistance and negative beliefs around money. Then, it might take several listens for the activation to occur, as you’ll peel away the layers of fear, resistance, and the thoughts of not being worthy of that financial freedom you want so much to experience in this lifetime. So how often you listen should really be determined by where you’re at in your life with the topic of abundance right now. And know, of course, that there is always more growing you can do. Joy! <3

light language blessing for Financial Freedom - channeled by daniel scranton channeler of the arcturian council