Light Language for Activating & Accessing Your Light Body

Your light body. Maybe you’ve heard about it but aren’t sure what it is. It’s the vehicle we will all be using in the fifth dimension, and it’s here, now, ready and willing to be activated. As some of you know, we can access 5D in this current time and space, but most of us rarely do. When we access 5D, we are also accessing our light bodies. These light bodies are easily healed, and we can shapeshift and teleport with them. If you can access your light body now, you can feel more alive, more vitality, and a renewed interest in being here and in being grounded. This light language transmission is infused with the galactic codes, intention, and vibration to bring you into your light body and give you the ability to change your health and the shape and size of your physical body through it. Love! <3