Light Language for Activating Your Andromedan DNA, Lifetimes & Current Connections

The Andromedan Star System. It’s right on the edge of the Milky Way, bordering the Andromedan Galaxy. And most of us have been there, incarnating a whole bunch of times. And the experiences from those lifetimes are inside of us, waiting to be activated. That’s why I channeled this light language. This light language will activate that Andromedan DNA, bring forth memories of your Andromedan lifetimes, and give you more access to your current connections in the Andromedan system. Yes, we have soul family members spread all throughout the galaxy, and when we awaken to those connections, we feel more whole. Listen to this one before going to sleep at night, and you’ll increase the likelihood of having a dream about your Andromedan lifetimes. Enjoy! <3