Light Language For Releasing All Blocks to Meeting Your Soulmate

light language for releasing all blocks to meeting your soulmate - channeled by daniel scranton, channeler of arcturian councilThis is a Downloadable MP3 File of a 6-Minute Light Language for Releasing All Blocks to Meeting Your Soulmate, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

How Will This Light Language Release All Blocks to You Meeting Your Soulmate?

A Soulmate. A life partner. The One. When we aren’t with someone with whom we can share our romantic love, we definitely want to find and be with that person. When you’re an awakened soul, and you’ve been working on yourself, loving yourself, and raising your vibration, and your soulmate still isn’t showing up, you have to wonder why. The blocks that we hold within us can be from our past in this life or from past lives…or both. And those blocks to being in the relationship of our dreams register as energy in our bodies. What can release those blocks? The right vibration. That’s why I channeled this six-minute light language. Light languages contain energy, galactic light codes, an intention, and a vibration that’s unique to each one, and this light language contains all of that and more for the purpose of releasing all of your blocks to meeting your soulmate in the flesh and in this lifetime. Light languages work by moving beyond our typical ways of receiving and processing information. They give us everything we need to go beyond thought, emotion, and the stuck energies we carry in our chakras. Releasing that stuck energy is the key to opening up to something and someone new in our lives. Love! <3