Light Language for Releasing Fatigue & Accessing Infinite Lifeforce Energy

language of light release fatigue tiredness activate energies of source infinityThis is a Downloadable MP3 of a Light Language for Releasing Fatigue & Accessing the Infinite Energies of Source, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

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How This Light Language Will Release Your Fatigue & Activate the Energies of Source?

Languages of light are infused with the vibration, intention, and galactic light codes to activate within us what has been lying dormant, while they simultaneously release any old, stuck, negative energy we have within us. The feeling of fatigue is an ascension symptom that so many of us experience on a daily basis, and it’s related to all of the work we’ve been doing on ourselves since awakening. Some of the work started even before our awakening experiences. And as such, some of us have been experiencing this fatigue for decades. Light languages work through the healing power of sound, combined with intention and galactic light codes to move past the limitations of the mind and body. This is an energetic upgrade and healing on a multidimensional level. Joy!

How Often & When to Listen to this Language of Light Transmission?

You really have to use your intuitive sense to answer this question, but if you’ve been feeling fatigued every day, then do take the time to listen every day. This recording is just over six minutes in length, and as you listen, keep your eyes closed and your crown and heart chakras open. The energies will do the rest. It might take more than one listen in a sitting to have its desired effect, depending on how tired you are in any given moment of the day. If you wake up tired, that’s a good time to utilize this one, as you don’t want to get the day started off on a tired foot. Again, listen to your intuition on exactly when and how often to listen, but know that each time you do listen, there is a cumulative effect on you and your energy field. Love <3

light language release fatigue tiredness activation energies of source infinity energy life force