Light Language for Reversing the Aging Process

Light Language for Reversing the Aging ProcessThis is a Downloadable MP3 Light Language Transmission for Reversing the Aging Process

In this transmission of 5 minutes and 46 seconds, I channeled a light language that is designed to reverse the aging process in your body, making you look and feel younger. The light language is encoded to affect your genes, your DNA, and your cells to bring about the process of reversing the somewhat unnatural aging process. Our bodies were created to last us for as long as we want to inhabit them, but due to societal programming, coupled with the toxins we’ve been exposed to throughout our lives, the process of aging/deteriorating has become ingrained in our consciousness. Through listening to this light language transmission, you can undo all of that and bring yourself into a new phase of your life – one where you choose the body you want to inhabit. Freedom! <3