Online Group Sound Healing, Reiki & Light Language Healing Event

online group sound healing reiki & light language healing event - with channeler daniel scrantonThis is a 60-Minute Online Healing Event that You Can Attend from Anywhere in the World

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How Will You Attend & Benefit from this Online Event?

This one-hour event will take place on Wednesday, January 27th at 5:30PM Pacific Time/8:30PM Eastern Time. After you register for the event, you will receive an email address and a link. You can email me your intention (or two…if you choose the option to pay for two) for the healing (what exactly you would like to have healed during the 60-minute healing), or you can fill out the form online by clicking the link provided in the email receipt. The link for submitting your intention for the healing is the same link that allows you to attend the event online via computer or smartphone. Alternatively, you can use any old phone to dial in and listen to the entire healing session. Now, having all the intentions in place before the event will allow me to access the healing tones, light languages, and reiki energy to project out to all in attendance. Joy! <3

How Will Attending this Event Heal your Chronic or Temporary Physical, Emotional, Energetic and/or Mental Conditions?

After you submit your intentions for the group healing event, then all you have to do is save the date and time to attend. Once you dial in by phone or computer, I’ll be there with all of the helpers I’ve tuned in to over the years, and they will channel through me the unique tones, overtones, sounds, light languages and reiki energy to give you exactly what you need for healing. The beautiful part of a group event is that the more people in attendance, the more energy is channeled through me. Therefore, even if you forget to submit a particular intention, chances are someone else will have submitted it, and you’ll benefit! Love <3

online group sound healing reiki & light language healing event - with channeler daniel scranton


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