Sound Healing for a Total DNA Upgrade & Activation

sound healing for a DNA upgrade channeled by daniel scranton channelerThis Downloadable MP3 Recording of a 10-Minute Sound Healing for a Complete DNA Upgrade & Activation

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This channeled sound healing is for a DNA activation and upgrade. Our DNA has been upgraded, downgraded, manipulated, and torn apart throughout history. We’ve been a great experiment for other e.t. beings, and all of that is coming to an end now. It’s time to take ownership of our own evolution, and the best way to do that is to access all of our power, gifts, memories, abilities, and connections to higher frequency beings in other realms. Full access to our upgraded, activated DNA is the path. That’s what this 10-minute sound healing I channeled is designed to do. It’s filled with the intention and energy to upgrade and activate all human and e.t. DNA that we have inside of us, re-attaching strands of DNA that have been disassembled over the millions of years we’ve been on this planet. We are coming into our own as a powerful force in the galaxy, and taking steps to become more of who we really are through the accessing of all that is encoded in our DNA is a statement to the rest of our galactic family. Love! <3

What is a Sound Healing, and Why are They Powerful?

Sound works with us on the level of vibration, and vibration is the key to all healing. With sound healing, you can literally and viscerally feel the vibration of the sound working in and on your physical body. Since DNA is something we carry in our physical bodies, the connection between sound, healing, and DNA is quite evident. We are constantly bombarded with sounds, words, EMFs, beliefs, and programming that doesn’t serve us. When we sit and consciously tune into something that does serve us, and we listen with the intention of absorbing it, that’s when we become a part of the solution. We consciously participate in the healing of our own bodies. I channeled tones and overtones, while simultaneously playing a crystal bowl, and I infused the tones and sounds with the intention of being of service. Specifically, I intended for them to activate and upgrade our DNA. Joy! <3

sound healing for a DNA upgrade channeled by daniel scranton channeler