Sound Healing for Feelings of Abandonment & Loss And Fear of Rejection

sound healing for feelings of abandonment & loss and fear - channeled by daniel scranton channeler of archangel michaelThis is a 10-Minute Downloadable MP3 Recording of a Sound Healing with Tones & Overtones Channeled by Daniel Scranton

How Will This Sound Healing Release Feelings of Abandonment, Loss & Fear of Rejection?

Abandonment. Loss. Rejection. We’ve all experienced crippling life circumstances that have led to us feeling like someone has left us behind, and we’ve also felt the emptiness inside when in those moments of despair. How can we heal from something like being left behind by the person we felt was the love of our lives? How can we get past the death of a loved one? And how do we get over the fear that we will be rejected and that it will happen again and again? Sound. Vibration. Energy. These are the healing tools of the 21st Century, of the era The Arcturian Council has just labeled “The Age of Vibration.” I channeled tones and overtones for 10 minutes, as I played one of my crystal bowls, infusing my playing and my toning with the intention, energy, vibration, and compassion to release those feelings of abandonment, loss, and the fear of rejection from the listener’s chakras, body, energy field, and mind. When you listen to this one, you might get emotional, but just realize that as you feel those emotions, you’re releasing them. Love! <3

How Often & When Does it Serve You to Listen to this Sound Healing?

If you’ve just experienced a break-up or the loss of a loved one, then that’s the perfect time to be listening to this 10-minute sound healing. If you’re about to go on a first date or for a job interview, and you’re feeling that fear of rejection coming up, then you definitely want to listen to this one a few times leading up to the big moment. The feelings of abandonment and loss can also come up for no apparent reason, as you’ll be clearing past life trauma. So if you don’t know why you’re feeling intense emotions, that’s a good time to give this one a listen as well. There really is no bad time to listen to high-vibrational tones and sounds, but use your discretion as to how often you need to. Sound! <3

sound healing for feelings of abandonment & loss and fear - channeled by daniel scranton channeler of archangel michael