Sound Healing for Releasing All Influence & Implants from Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence. We used to just think of it as something in sci-fi movies and TV shows. But now it’s becoming more and more a part of our everyday lives, with smartphones, smart-everything else, and Alexa (amazon’s A.I. dealie). The influence of A.I. on the human being is becoming harder and harder to ignore. This sound healing that I created with one of my crystal bowls and the tones and overtones I channel is infused with the intention of removing the influence of the A.I. from your body, mind, and energy field. It’s also going to remove any physical implants from your body and field. Now that might not happen while you’re listening to the recording the very first time. It may just jostle the implant loose so that it can be more easily removed while you’re sleeping or released when you’re eliminating waste from your body. Freedom! <3