Sound Healing for Synching You with Your Ideal Timeline

Your ideal timeline. What exactly is that, anyway? A timeline is just the current version of our past, present and future. Think of them as trails on a hike. Some trails came from the parking lot and lead to a waterfall. Others start in a field and lead to caves. Same nature preserve, different trails. We change our timelines often, and we usually don’t realize it. We change our past and our future (and of course our present) in the NOW. That’s what this sound healing is all about. By listening to it in the now, you’ll shift your vibration to harmonize, or synch, you up with your ideal timeline. You may think you can use your mind to visualize your way to that ideal timeline, but your mind is limited in what it can even conceive of. That’s why it’s best to use vibration to synch ourselves up. This sound healing I created with one of my crystal bowls and the tones I channeled will put you on your ideal timeline. Joy! <3