Sound Healing for Upgrading, Regenerating & Clearing Your Cells

The cells in our bodies. They respond to our thoughts, and they respond to sound. Their health and well-being determine how much light we can hold on the energetic level and how many nutrients we can absorb on the physical level. So I created this sound healing to upgrade, regenerate, and clear the cells in our physical bodies with my crystal bowl and some channeled tones. This sound healing will help you download more light, information from your guides, and high frequency energies from the higher realms. Having happy cells will also make them more responsive to your desires for your physical body. Want to lose weight? Gain muscle? Have more energy? It all starts with the trillions of cells in your body. Listen to this one whenever you feel the need to give your cells a boost, like when you’re feeling sick or just lacking vitality. Energize! <3