February 2016 Advanced Group Channeling Class ∞Audio Recording

In this recording of two hours, The Creators give process after process to help you tap in to the energy of your guides, translate them into sounds and words, and verbally channel! Each class is a little different. They’re all unique. So even if you’ve attended before, this one will have new processes for you. I love teaching people and getting their feedback. Here’s what one person wrote…

So yesterday’s class was mind blowing. Truly, i sat in shock for roughly 3 hours afterwards feeling all kinds of emotions, but mostly relief – and i am so grateful to you for guiding me to it. When we went thru the Higher Self/Ego meditation, what I needed to hear was in part ‘I love you’ but mostly, ‘You are FREE.” it quickly became “You are FREED” (of mental turmoil) at which point i started crying pretty heavily – and then The Creators popped in with ‘Ok, we think your Ego has had enough!’- which was an automatic state change and i started laughing. I’m eternally grateful, it blows my mind that you do this for people. What an invaluable gift. <3

Enjoy <3!

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