October 2015 Advanced Group Channeling Class – Audio

Here’s what people are saying about this latest Advanced Group Channeling Class with The Creators

“Just completed this class a bit ago… Was inspired to get out some paper and a pen… in the name of “Gratitude”. The class exceeded my expectations and reinforced how much I love the Creators AND The following: I have know Daniel Scranton, and co-created thru classes with him online for a little over two years. Realizing now that his work has provided a great “bridge” in me becoming more of who I really am. The words that were written, in appreciation, are: Accountability, consistency, authentic, open, integrity, friendly, diligent, light and of course, haha, humorous!”

“I just wanted you to know I thought last nights class was fantastic. The Creators offered and taught various ways to channel and I appreciated that…So thank you very much! Much love to you and in great appreciation for all that you do.”

Audio recording from the class is right around two hours in length. Enjoy! <3

Screen Shot 2015-10-31 at 11.57.17 AM