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THE GIFT OF BREATHING MEDITATION Archangel Michael takes us through this 15-minute meditation set to hauntingly beautiful music. This meditation will put you in touch with your breathing and invites…

THE OPHELIA ALIGNMENT MEDITATION The alignment meditation will align your physical, emotional, mental, and energetic bodies. It will also align you with your Oversoul, HigherSelf, the Universe, and Source. It will  ground you into…

THE OPHELIA LOVE MEDITATION Love. It’s what we all are. It’s what we were all born from. Whether you want to experience more self-love, draw in a romantic partner, or just…

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About the channel Daniel Scranton

“That was the best reading I’ve ever had, and I’ve had a lot of readings!” - Lorraine, FL.

Daniel has been a verbal channel since 2010. He has done hundreds of live and online group events and private sessions with people all over the world.

He is channeling a collective of higher dimensions - which is non-physical consciousness that has the broadest perspective of what's happening in our lives on planet earth. These guides have contracted to work with Daniel, and are guiding us through the exciting and turbulent times we are experiencing at this time of the Shift.

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