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Ascension: The Shift to the Fifth Dimension ∞The Arcturian Council (ebook)

This is the ebook version of my new book…Ascension: The Shift to the Fifth Dimension. It has 240 channeled transmissions from The Arcturian Council. I’ve channeled the content for this book over the past year and several months. It’s a compilation of the messages that I’ve released daily here on my site and via email. So why would you need the ebook version? Well, the messages are sorted into 7 chapters: The Shift; Creating Your Reality; Processing Your Emotions & Raising Your Vibration; Receiving Energy; Your Galactic Connections; Love & Service; and Your Spiritual Evolution. So there’s a nice, flowing order to them!

The book comes to you as a pdf file. That means you can use the search feature to look for specific words. Having all of these messages on your computer or tablet, or even your phone in one place is just plain convenient. Easy access. That’s what it’s all about <3.

Light Language for Aligning You with Your Perfect Career

In this transmission of 5 minutes and 45 seconds, I channeled a light language that is infused with the codes and energy to align you with your perfect career. So many lightworkers are looking for something to do for work while they await the completion of the shift in consciousness. It’s not easy when the jobs out there seem mind-numbing or soul-crushing. But wherever you are on your journey, there’s a perfect career for you. Sometimes it means creating something brand new, a business that evolves out of an inspired idea. This light language transmission is designed to bring you into alignment with those types of ideas and other opportunities. Joy! <3

Light Language Specifically for Empaths

In this transmission of 5 minutes and 48 seconds, I channeled a light language that is specifically for assisting empaths with their missions in the world today. As an empath, you feel other people’s emotions when you are around them, or even when thinking about them. You also pick up on the general feeling among the collective at times and process their emotions for them. This makes living at this time extremely challenging for you, as an empath. This light language is infused with codes that will assist you with these extreme challenges by giving you with the ability to decide when you want to turn your empathetic powers on and to only absorb that which you want to absorb from your fellow humans. Listen to this one before going to work, social situations, or even shopping. Relief! <3

Sound Healing for Detoxifying Your Organs ∞Daniel & Maricris Dominique

In this download of just over 10 minutes, I teamed up with my lovely wife Maricris Dominique, and we created this sound healing for the purpose of detoxifying the physical organs of your body. Maricris is a shamanic priestess, as well as a medical intuitive. She offers the shamanic drumming on the track, while I channel tones, overtones, and healing sounds, all infused with the intention of releasing the toxins from your organs. Remember, the heart is also an organ, and so while this recording will eliminate physical toxins from organs like the liver, it will also release energetic blockages and other stuck energy in your heart. Listen to this one whenever you feel sick or after indulging in some food, beverages, or other substances that you want to clear from your body as quickly as possible. And you can also use it for regular maintenance of your physical body. Love! <3

Light Language for Calling Your Soul Family Into Your Life

In this transmission of 5 minutes and 49 seconds, I channeled a light language that will bring you into the vibrational state to match the vibrations of your soul family members. The most common symptom of being awakened is feeling alone, isolated from our tribe. But this light language is infused with the codes, sounds, and vibration to bring about a major shift in your energy…a shift that will attract your soul family members to you. You’ll also recognize them when they appear. You’ll know you’re in the presence of someone you’ve traveled with for many, many lifetimes. Connection! <3

Light Language for Releasing Your Self-Imposed Limitations

In this transmission of 5 minutes and 49 seconds, I channeled a light language that will release you from the limitations you’ve imposed upon yourself in this lifetime. We have all picked up beliefs from the people who came before us, and when we were younger and more impressionable, we took those beliefs on as our own. But now we have awakened and realize that there is so much more we can do, be, and experience, if we allow ourselves to embrace our power and release those limiting thoughts and beliefs. Just sit back and listen to this light language transmission, and let the codes infused into it, along with the intentions embedded into the sounds, to melt away those limitations. Enjoy! <3

Releasing Self-Doubt & Criticism and Embracing Self-Love & Confidence ∞The Creators

In this download of 11 minutes and 46 seconds, I channeled The Creators, and they brought through a process for releasing your self-doubt and criticism so that you can allow yourself to feel self-love, confidence, and self-worth. The Creators explain where we pick up those notions that we are not good enough and how to release them. They also direct us to the places within us where we can easily activate the self-love and self-confidence that we’ve always wanted to feel – unconditionally! That’s the key to this…it’s not about changing the thoughts so that we can conditionally love ourselves and feel confident for a moment or two. This is a fundamental change to the way we access those feelings. Love! <3

5th Dimensional Energy Attunement ∞The Creators

In this download of 12 minutes and 15 seconds, I channeled The Creators, and they brought through a series of steps you can use to give yourself a 5D energy attunement at any time you want one. The energies of the fifth dimension are all around us…and within us! Using this process, you’ll give yourself greater access to that which is your birthright. Living as our higher selves/5th dimensional selves is something we all have available to ourselves in the here and now. Take advantage of that truth by utilizing this download to bring yourself into the higher frequencies of 5D. The steps are simple and straightforward, and I know that anyone/everyone can give themselves this attunement. Joy! <3

Light Language For Releasing Anger & Resentment And Embracing Forgiveness

In this transmission of just under six minutes, I channeled a light language that will release anger and resentment from your field, your chakras, and even on a cellular level and open you up to embracing forgiveness. All you need to do is sit back, relax, and let the energy, sounds, and galactic light codes work on you. If you feel like you need a booster shot, so to speak, you can always go back to this one and do it as needed. We usually release lower frequency emotions like anger and resentment over time, layer by layer. And life is always triggering us with something new! So this one is a good one to have ready to go whenever you need it. Love! <3

Light Language for Opening Portals to Other Dimensions, Star Systems & Universes

In this transmission of 5 minutes and 47 seconds, I channeled a light language that will enable you to easily open portals to other dimensions, star systems, and even parallel universes. Once you listen to the light language transmission, all you’ll need to do is use your finger to draw a circle in the space around you, and with the intention to open a portal to anywhere at all, you’ll have the attunement you need to get it done! The portal doesn’t have to be in the same room as you’re sitting, or even in your home. You can open HUGE portals in the sky and access whatever energies you desire. And through the portals you open, you can receive downloads, upgrades, information, and direct transmissions from E.T.s, your Oversoul, Source, angels, or any other being you can imagine. Enjoy! <3

How to Receive Divine Grace & Release Shame, Guilt & Judgment ∞Yeshua

In this download of 11 minutes and 11 seconds, Yeshua takes us through an exercise for receiving Divine Grace. And first, Yeshua explains what his mission was on Earth as Jesus Christ, how the message he taught was misinterpreted, and how easy it now is to receive something that we already are. The exercise he takes us through is easy and involves releasing shame, guilt, and judgment as well. In releasing that which is of a lower frequency and no longer serves us, we make room for that Divine grace and everything else that is of a higher frequency. Love! <3

Light Language for Receiving Miracles in Your Life

In this transmission of 5 minutes and 55 seconds, I channeled a light language that will open you up to receiving miracles in your life. The possibility for a miracle exists in every moment of every day of our lives, and yet, most of us never take the time to open ourselves up to receive those miracles. This recording will take you to that place of receptivity, effortlessly. Listen to it whenever you feel the desire to receive a miracle in your life. Feel the assistance that is coming to you from unexpected sources as you sit or lie back and let the light language take you to the realm of miracles, the realm of the unknown/unexpected. The fifth dimensional realm is where miracles and magic will be a regular occurrence, and this recording will ready you for it. Enjoy! <3

Light Language for Reversing the Aging Process

In this transmission of 5 minutes and 46 seconds, I channeled a light language that is designed to reverse the aging process in your body, making you look and feel younger. The light language is encoded to affect your genes, your DNA, and your cells to bring about the process of reversing the somewhat unnatural aging process. Our bodies were created to last us for as long as we want to inhabit them, but due to societal programming, coupled with the toxins we’ve been exposed to throughout our lives, the process of aging/deteriorating has become ingrained in our consciousness. Through listening to this light language transmission, you can undo all of that and bring yourself into a new phase of your life – one where you choose the body you want to inhabit. Freedom! <3

Light Language for Grounding You in Your Physical Body

In this transmission of 5 minutes and 45 seconds, I channeled a light language that will ground you in your physical body. Why is grounding important? If you’re not grounded in your body, you’re unable to feel the vibration you are giving off. If you’re unaware of the vibration you’re giving off, you’re not consciously creating your reality. So grounding is the first and one of the most important steps in creating the reality you prefer. It will also make you present and heart-centered. Being grounded is also important when you’re accessing higher frequency energies. Make sure you ground at least once a day. Enjoy! <3

Light Language for Space Clearing Negative Energies & Entities from Your Home

In this transmission of 5 minutes and 44 seconds, I channeled a light language that will clear the space in your home of any and all negatively-oriented energies and/or entities. This is a powerful light language, and I believe it’s more effective than burning sage for removing these energies and entities for good. You can play the recording in each room in your home, and then you can use it for maintenance any time you feel that your home may have picked up some new negative energies/entities. For those of us who are open and sensitive, clearing space is a must! Love <3

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