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Mayan Lifetimes Activation & Integration ∞The Creators

In this download of just under 12 minutes, I channeled The Creators, and they take us through a process to activate and integrate our Mayan lifetimes. In the recording, The Creators say to imagine the most significant of your Mayan lifetime in your third eye, but you will be able to do this one over and over again, as we are all certain to have had at least 3 lifetimes in the Mayan Civilization. You will integrate the knowledge, vibration, energy, and abilities of your Mayan selves, creating an easier transition to the fifth dimension in this lifetime. Love! <3

Light Language for Connecting You to & Inviting in the Faeries ∞Ophelia the Faerie

In this transmission of just under six minutes, I channeled Ophelia the Faerie, and she brought through a light language that will connect you to the faerie realm, your faerie guides, and it will invite in the faeries to your home, office, car, and whatever other space you listen to it in. The faeries are our guides in the fifth dimension, holding space for all of us to bring ourselves and our consciousness to 5D. Many of us have felt their presence, and they are ready to play a bigger role in our ascension. Joy! <3


How to Manage the Downloads, Upgrades & Activations You Are Receiving ∞The Creators

In this download of 11 minutes and 33 seconds, I channeled The Creators, and they offer a series of processes and approaches to managing the myriad of downloads, upgrades, and activations that we are receiving to our chakras and other parts of our being-ness on a regular basis. The Creators will set your mind at ease about any symptoms or side effect you’re experiencing right now as a result of these changes. They are changes for the better, of course, and now you’ll have strategies for dealing with them in a way that keeps you feeling good physically, mentally, and emotionally during these energetic experiences. Love! <3

Light Language for Activating Your Higher Mind & Accessing Higher Vibrational Information

In this transmission of 5 minutes and 42 seconds, I channeled a light language that will activate your higher mind (your higher self’s mind) and help you access higher vibrational thoughts, ideas, and information. The higher mind is the mind that can deliver to us concepts that are leading edge, and we all have access to our higher minds…we just don’t think we do. As this light language activates your higher mind, you will then download thoughts, ideas, and information that will take you to the next level of your spiritual evolution and will help you navigate your way with more ease through the fourth dimension (to 5D). Enjoy! <3

Light Language for Releasing Sexual Trauma & Body/Sexual Shame

In this transmission of 5 minutes and 55 seconds, I channeled a light language that will release any sexual shame or trauma you’re carrying, in addition to helping you release any shame you have around your physical body. The feeling of sexual shame is something we all experience, and no matter how perfect our bodies might look to others, we all tend to find fault with them, or some aspect of them. Traumas that we’ve experienced from past lives can and do play a role in defining how we feel about ourselves as sexual beings in this lifetime, and this light language transmission is designed to clear all that away! Love <3

Light Language for Alleviating Depression

In this transmission of 5 minutes and 48 seconds, I channeled a light language that will work on your energy field and emotional body to release the depression you’re holding within you and around you. This light language transmission can be used whenever you feel you need a boost energetically, whenever you’re feeling down, and certainly when you’ve reached the point of feeling despair – like you cannot continue on in this lifetime. You can ween yourself off of anti-depressants (and other meds) and once again feel like you want to be a part of life again. Enjoy! <3

Light Language for Releasing Insomnia & Embracing Sleep

In this transmission of 5 minutes and 48 seconds, I channeled a light language that will release your insomnia and get you to embrace the sleep you so desire. Listening to this recording right before bed, focusing on it, and letting the light language and galactic light codes work on you is the best prescription for a restful night’s sleep. The light language is encoded with the vibration and intention to bring about the best sleep you could possibly experience. If you don’t fall asleep upon the first listen, play it on a loop (at low volume) until you do…or at least until you are sleepy enough to fall asleep on your own. Enjoy! <3

Releasing Trauma from The Orion Wars ∞The Creators

In this download of 12 minutes and 35 seconds, The Creators talk about the importance of The Orion Wars in our galactic and universal history. They then lead us through a process to help us connect to the roles we played in the conflict, and they connect us with the past life versions of ourselves from those lifetimes and what they felt, did, and experienced. Finally, The Creators lovingly assist us in bringing the traumas, physical wounds, and emotions back to our heart centers, and ultimately Source, so that we can move on from The Orion Wars in this lifetime and continue on in our journey of ascension. Love! <3

How to Utilize Crystal Grids for Manifestation ∞The Creators

In this download of 11 minutes and 11 seconds, I channeled The Creators, and they gave a step-by-step method for using your crystals to create crystal grids that you can use to manifest and receive whatever it is you desire for yourself and/or the human collective. No matter which crystals you have, how many, or how long you’ve had them, you can utilize the crystals in your possession right now to help you create, manifest, and experience anything you desire. Creating crystal grids is fun, powerful, and the number of grids you can create is limitless. Enjoy! <3

Light Language for Clearing Trauma, Activating Abilities & Remembering the Details From Your Lemurian Lifetimes

In this transmission of 5 minutes and 45 seconds, I channeled a light language that will activate your Lemurian Lifetimes, clear any traumas you’re holding onto, re-activate the abilities you had there, and help you remember the details from those lifetimes. Our lifetimes in Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt, and the other great civilizations in human history are so important right now, as we get closer to shifting to 5D. The current society we live in mirrors those three in so many ways, and now is the time to get in touch with what we need to from those lifetimes in order to move forward on our current journey. Love! <3

Light Language for Feeling Worthy of Receiving All That You’ve Created

In this transmission of 5 minutes and 47 seconds, I channeled a light language that will activate the feelings of worthiness within you to accept, allow, and receive all that you’ve already created but haven’t been able to manifest in your life. The amount of abundance, freedom, joy, love, creativity, and satisfaction that we’ve all created is staggering. The amount that we’ve actually been able to experience in this lifetime is minuscule by comparison. Allowing it all to come in is an art form, and it’s one that this light language will help you master. Love! <3

How to Channel Saint Germain ∞Saint Germain

In this download of 11 minutes and 11 seconds, I channeled Saint Germain, and the ascended master came through with a process that will help you gain access to his energy and vibration so that you can verbally channel messages from him. This download contains a transmission of Saint Germain’s unique vibrational signature, and after feeling it, you will always be connected to him. Saint Germain is a beautiful being who is reaching out to us now more than ever to assist us in the ascension process. Love! <3

Light Language for Activating Your Extra-Terrestrial DNA

In this transmission of 6 minutes in length, I channeled a light language that will activate the extra-terrestrial DNA that you have in your physical body. The light language holds the vibration necessary to activate the DNA that has been lying dormant in your body since your birth. The time for us to know ourselves as more than just human has come, and therefore, we are ready for activations like this one. Once the alien DNA is activated within you, you can expect to receive memories and abilities from past lives you’ve led in other parts of the galaxy. Enjoy! <3

Light Language for Removing Enslavement & Victimhood Programming from Your Energy Field

In this transmission of 5 minutes and 46 seconds, I channeled a light language that will remove enslavement and victimhood programming from your energy field, mind, chakras, and consciousness. The programming that we encounter on a daily basis that disempowers us is staggering, and we need to make sure we are countering it with equally strong vibrations. Play this one whenever you are feeling a lack of power over your life, tired of your job, or that the government is denying you your basic human rights. It’s time to reclaim your power! Love <3

Mantras for Releasing What No Longer Serves You ∞The Creators

In this download of just over 11 and a half minutes, I channeled The Creators, and they delivered a series of mantras that will help you to release what no longer serves you. Whether you’re releasing thoughts, actions, spoken words, relationships, a job, or a living situation, this download will help. The C’s make sure you’re not just speaking the mantras – they will get you to actually feel the vibrational resonance with the words you speak. You can speak these mantras whenever you feel yourself slipping back into old habits that no longer serve you. Love! <3

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