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Manifesting Abundance w/Ease & Joy ∞Audio Recording

In the just over two and a half hour audio recording from this online event that I did with Maricris Dominique Dela Cruz-Scranton, you’ll experience my channeling of The Creators, as well as the guidance from Maricris, who is a Psychic Priestess and Shamanic Soul Activator.

To start the event, Maricris led a beautiful guided meditation that aligned us all with the Earth’s energies, Source, and our chakra system. This meditation is one you can do every day to align you with the truth of who you are.

Next, The Creators brought through their perspective on the topic of Manifesting Abundance with Ease & Joy. Following their opening transmission, Maricris discussed her own journey with the topic and offered insights and support to the group.

Finally, we had the question and answer portion of the event. Everyone got to ask a question of The Creators and Maricris, and the topics included: removing blockages to abundance, balancing one’s chakras, how to deal with debt and guilt after a vacation, how to receive money for doing spiritual work. Many more questions were also asked and answered. It was a truly uplifting event! Enjoy <3

Higher Self Download & Activation Meditation ∞Yeshua

In this 16 minute meditation from Yeshua, he guides us through the activating and downloading of our Higher Self. This meditation will align you with the energies and the consciousness of your Higher Self, giving you full access to your fifth dimensional self. You will feel renewed and rejuvenated after doing this meditation, and it is a guided meditation that you can do daily to remind you of who you really are and to get your day started on the right foot. Enjoy! <3

How to Receive Messages & Confirmation from Your Spirit Guides ∞The Buddha

We all want to hear from our spirit guides more often…and with more clarity. In this download of 11 minutes and 11 seconds, The Buddha guides us on how to access more from our guides, and also how to foster a better relationship with them. After listening to this download, you will feel reassured that you are on the right track, plus you will have new tools and approaches for receiving those messages and confirmations that you desire from you guides. Enjoy! <3

Love Vibration Activation ∞Yeshua

In this download of just over 13 minutes, Yeshua takes us through an exercise to get us to feel and vibrate the Love vibration that exists within us at all times. This process will get you vibrating in harmony with your true self, your Source Energy self, and you’ll feel more in harmony with all beings after completing it. The love vibration will be easier for you to access, whenever you want to feel it, no matter whom you are with, and that’s truly what life is all about. Enjoy in love <3

Wisdom Download from The Ascended Masters ∞The Buddha

This 12 minute wisdom download from The Buddha is coming from the entire ascended master collective. They offer their consensus through The Buddha of some basic teachings, and in addition, they offer packets of wisdom that will be deposited into your energy field as you listen to the recording. This information will be unpacked by you as you are ready to receive it…but it will be more of a knowing than it will be a series of words or sentences. Enjoy! <3


How to Co-Create with Physical E.T.s ∞The Arcturian Council

In this download of just over 12 minutes, The Arcturian Council takes us through a process to help us connect with our physical Extra-Terrestrial friends who want to co-create with us here and now on planet Earth. According to the Arcturians, there are far more E.T.s out there than we have ever even heard of, and they definitely do want to co-create with us. This recording will help you find the keys to unlocking your connection with our E.T. friends, bringing about the collaborative galaxy we all want to occupy. Enjoy! <3

How to Channel Your Oversoul ∞The Buddha

In this download of just over 12 and a half minutes, The Buddha takes us on a journey to our Oversoul. He walks us through the process of accessing the consciousness of our Oversoul, vibrating in harmony with it, and then channeling the energy and wisdom of the most unfiltered aspect of who we are…until we re-emerge into Source Energy. The Oversoul connection is becoming more and more important as we become our Higher Selves in this shift in consciousness we are experiencing. Channeling the Oversoul gives us access to all of our incarnations, in all dimensions, times, and parallel realities. Enjoy! <3

Confidence Activation ∞Yeshua

In this download of just under 11 and a half minutes, Yeshua guides us through a process to activate the confidence that can only come from with us. He will leave you feeling full of confidence, Source Energy, and ready to move forward boldly in whatever you want to do, say, create, or express in your life. This is a powerful transmission, and it will remind you/reunite you with your eternal, infinite, and truest self as well. Enjoy with confidence <3

Chakra & Auric Field Cleansing, Clearing, and Reactivation ∞The Buddha

In this download of over 15 minutes in length, The Buddha takes us through a cleansing, clearing, and reactivation of our auras/energy fields and seven main chakras. You will feel the light and love from The Buddha pouring through you, surrounding you, and helping to put you back in the present moment, releasing traumas, thought forms, and beliefs from the past (including past lives) that might be holding you back from living fully in this lifetime. Enjoy! <3

How to Channel Inner Earth Beings ∞The Arcturian Council

In this 12 minute download The Arcturian Council explains who the Inner Earth Beings are, what dimension they’re in, and how they’re reaching out to humanity at this time to begin the process of integrating with those of us on the surface. The Arcturians take us through a process to channel the Inner Earth Beings. Once you make a connection with one of these members of your soul family, you are likely to continue channeling him or her for the rest of this incarnation. Enjoy! <3

A Healing for Sexual Trauma ∞Yeshua

In this download of just under 12 and a half minutes, Yeshua takes us through processes to heal known and unknown sexual traumas from this lifetime and all past lives. We all carry sexual trauma in our cells, second chakras, and energy fields, but with the help of Yeshua we can clear and heal it all. This is a powerful integration, as well as a healing, so please drink plenty of water after doing it to give your bodies what they need to process the energy. <3

How to Channel Your Fifth Dimensional Self ∞Yeshua

In this download of 11 minutes and 11 seconds, Yeshua walks us through the process of connecting with our 5th dimensional selves. He then encourages us to receive the information our 5D self has about ascension, how to enjoy it, and what to do in order to get there. By the end of the download, you will receive images, insights, and will be channeling verbally for your 5D self. Trust it! And enjoy 🙂 <3

Karmic Clearing ∞The Buddha

In this download of 11 minutes and 11 seconds, The Buddha gives us a karmic clearing. He offers his forgiveness and walks us through the process of forgiving ourselves as well. He notes that we don’t have to create any additional karma in this lifetime and how we can release ourselves from the karma of the past life selves we have believed we need to pay for. You will feel the unconditional Love coming from The Buddha in this one, and it will inspire you to feel it for yourself. Enjoy! <3

How to Heal Relationships with Loved Ones ∞Yeshua

In this download of just over 11 minutes and 11 seconds, Yeshua takes us through a series of steps that we can use to heal all relationships with others – family members, spouses, co-workers, friends, and any others we have a relationship of any kind with. No matter what the nature of the relationship is, the other is a loved one on some level. Yeshua guides us to see these relationships as reflections of our relationship to self, and he notes that the foundation of all of these relationships is Love. Enjoy <3

A Multidimensional Healing ∞The Buddha

In this download of just over 11 and a half minutes, The Buddha takes us through a healing that goes beyond the current set of circumstances in this one lifetime. This healing takes us to all lifetimes and all dimensions, offering the Truth of Who We Really Are as the cure to all that has ever caused a disruption in our natural evolution. Drink lots of water after this one. It’s a powerful healing. Enjoy! <3

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